Caller ID: Not In Use
Company / Organization: ???
Reported Location: Tonopah, AZ 85354

Charles said: Scam.
U.S. Treasury will have me arrested.
Uses "Security Screen" (Caller ID spoof) when calling me.


Caller ID: no ID
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 02191

Charles said: Received a call from this number on a Saturday morning at 7:00. Short ring and no voice message.


Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Long beach ca 90814

Charles said: Didn't answer received at 6:22 am


Charles said: i receive a message from this number saying " hi boy"


Caller ID: Distribution
Reported Location: SC

Charles said: I got the call on Sunday at 2:49 PM. Ruined my nap. My caller ID captured Distribution 312-625-5511. A message was left "Hi, this is Tyler with the Official Notification Department. Just responding to the entry for the $50,000 cash give away that was submitted some time back, within the last 18 months. We're looking at your entry. We have very good news. We need you to call us as soon as possible toll free 1-855-841-6084. Again, that's toll free 1-855-841-6084. We do need to hear from you as soon as possible so we don't forbid your entry and congratulations." Of course I hadn't entered any $50,000 cash give away.



Reported Location: London

Charles said: Random numbers keep calling. Ever since an Asian lady got my number and wanted me to do a survey over the phone


Company / Organization: State of Alabama
Reported Location: ohio

Charles said: what do they want


Reported Location: ohio

Charles said: who is calling


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Harris & Harris
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Oak Brook, IL

Charles said: Harris and Harris (law firm, but THESE calls are from the collection agency division)

When attorneys or other debt collectors buy debt, they buy in bulk. The majority of debts bought by attorneys and debt collection agencies are credit card debt. Following credit card debt are car loans, telephone company bills, and retail bills. They also buy and sell personal loans, electric bills, different utility bills, medical bills and mortgages. In general, when a company holds debt it does not sell it right away but will hire a collection agency or attorney. Attorneys typically charge an hourly fee or portion of the debt, or combination of both. When the company is unable to collect on the debt through these processes, it then may choose to sell it after an evaluation.

Purchasing debt usually costs 3 to 16 cents per actual dollar of debt depending on the risk involved. With the downturn in the economy after 2008, the cost of purchasing debt went down to the 3- to 7-cent range because the risk went up in all asset classes. It is harder to get people to pay debt if they have no savings, income or employment. With loss of employment and financial trouble, people also move away. This makes it harder to find them and collect the debt.

Easiest way to get out of their telephone calling scam... change your phone number to an unlisted number. Yes, PAY for an unlisted telephone number for at least 2 years. If your old number is disconnected; they cannot harass you. And DO NOT give out the phone number!


Charles said: Yes if you call it back music starts playing, but if you wait long enough it connects you to some California marketing company. Sooooo it is no one you want to speak with.


Caller ID: Colorado
Caller type: Telemarketer

Charles said: Here is something new I have been doing lately.
These warranty people called me this morning.  I told this guy I was on my way out the door heading for work and asked him to call me there in about an hour and I would gladly talk to him.  I gave him a phone number to call ... It's our local branch field office of the FBI.
Hee Hee!!!


Charles said: Got a call from this phone number.


Caller ID: Lisa Miller

Charles said: I got a call from Lisa Miller from 310-599-9116 and picked it up and don't say anything.It's very annoying, But this what I found, if anyone is interested, that call comes from the city of Compton, California, Los Angeles County, it's not a cell phone, uses Digitcom services,Inc. as their provider.


Caller ID: amshare
Caller type: Collection Agency

Charles said: they are a problem, they keep calling me asking for a michelle watkins, told them 50 times no person by that name. they are rude!


Charles said: When the machine picked up caller hung up.


Charles said: does not leave a message


Charles said: Any ideas who calls from this number?