Caller ID: out of area
Reported Location: Conway sc 29527 a call and never leave a message and you can't return call trying to leave

Ray said: We tried calling back you can't get them


Company / Organization: micosoft tech
Reported Location: n4b5w6

Ray said: caller wanted me to go on my computer and go to his site I think he was trying to get into my computer


Ray said: Yup. She keeps calling about a church party. I was approached at East Los Angeles City College.


Caller ID: unknon name
Company / Organization: Blank
Reported Location: Québec

Ray said: The phone number start by : V005


Reported Location: Toronto

Ray said: Called at 5:21am. I didn't answer the call. They called my bell cell phone. Wondering if this is targeting bell customers or if its any cell phone?


Caller ID: invalid number
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 98273

Ray said: Have had numerous calls from this number. I've never answered and they have never left a message.


Caller ID: invalid number
Reported Location: 98273

Ray said: I did not answer. Have had calls from this # before and did not answer. No message was left on my phone.


Ray said: did not state name of business the only information was some document that they would be issuing and the contact number 844-261-6499 or 844 261-6419


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: Aberdeen

Ray said: This number has called me several times. I did not pick up but waited for them to leave a message, but they never did.


Ray said: Sme one used it and tried to threaten to kill me yesterday


Company / Organization: Claimed to be IRS
Reported Location: West Lebanon, NH

Ray said: I was told this was my FINAL notice that the IRS was planning to file a lawsuit against me.


Reported Location: 17601

Ray said: Mystery


Reported Location: Ogden, UT

Ray said: This number continues to call over and over again. Won't leave a voice mail so I called back. Some one answered asking if I wanted more info about some school opportunity. I asked him to take my number off the list and never call me again. He hung up on me mid-sentence.


Reported Location: 79907

Ray said: I refuse to answer call that do not identify the company.


Reported Location: San Diego, CA 92128

Ray said: this number calls but never shows onmy caller ID, leaves no message.


Ray said: For everyone that is getting this on their computer call or email the cracks about this and they will do something


Caller ID: Mr. Santos
Reported Location: tucson az 85713


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: orlando

Ray said: have been called 5 times in the last two days the last one was sat at 510 pm thick indian accent and windows was the problem asked them for the service tech number and they said it was not giving it to them I said this is a scam and they were full of sh*t they hung up.


Caller ID: 448-001-7708

Ray said: Who is this?