Jon said: I've had 3 calls from that number today. They never leave a message.


Reported Location: 32904

Jon said: Consistently calling and not leaving a message................calls at least 10 times a day.


Reported Location: bismarck nd 58504

Jon said: who is calling me from this number


Jon said: who the hell is this?


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Philippines


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: WI

Jon said: Also got a call saying this is final notice and that IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. 1st one that I remember getting so figured it was a scam. Automated message.


Caller ID: Not availanble
Reported Location: 48170

Jon said: No answer no sound when picked up


Reported Location: 71291


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: 32714

Jon said: My car was in Craig's list, they called me, but didn't say anything.


Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Montreal

Jon said: PLEASE STOP all the ANNOYING CALLS!!!!!


Company / Organization: ghbvnhmc
Reported Location: 93303

Jon said: cvb nvxbnxvbn


Caller ID: 210-000-0000
Reported Location: Saco ME 04072

Jon said: This number has called on several different occasions and doesn't leave any message. When I attempt to call I just get a busy signal. this is very annoying .


Jon said: Calling saying from mexico asking for marsha


Reported Location: 35296

Jon said: appears to be a scam from a false Microsoft rep trying to get you to go into your computer and disclose information. caller seems to have a strong India accent.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: debt collection
Reported Location: 67401

Jon said: They are low life collection calling the wrong number


Jon said: Thi number rang me @ 2:30 AM. No one there.


Caller ID: snfc cntrl ca
Reported Location: CA

Jon said: SEO SCAM


Caller ID: ryan sheckler
Company / Organization: etnies
Reported Location: usa

Jon said: yo dude


Jon said: I have talked to Mr. Giffin (supervisor) and told him that I am not the person that owes the bill. He stated to me that my number would be listed as a bad number(conversation from 3-Apr-2012). I recieved three calls since then and only one did I get a person on the other end. I again asked for Mr. Giffin in order to have him explain to me why they are calling me still. His responce was that it takes 48 hours in their automated system to have the number listed as bad. From now on I will ask for Mr. Giffin and complain all the time to him until they realise that their automated system is a computer and it will take info and remove as soon as it is put into it. I work with computers and automated systems all day and understand that it will do what it is told and can be done with simple key strokes. Can't pull the wool over my eyes Verizon.