Company / Organization: HPL Courier
Reported Location: Bahamas

Rick said: Person at this number scam me out of $1,3000.00.


Reported Location: New York City

Rick said: Called my cell 3X today. I havent picked up.


Caller ID: "Out of Area"
Reported Location: Washington State

Rick said: Fake number. Scam of some sort. Doesn't leave a message of course.


Reported Location: bandera, tx 78003

Rick said: they say they have photos


Reported Location: Spokane WA


Company / Organization: TD Canada Trust Bank
Reported Location: canada

Rick said: left voice mail claiming it wasn't a telemarketer but very important to call back. I looked up the number and see all the various scams from this 844 area code


Reported Location: Yukon, Canada

Rick said: I received a call at 3:00 a.m. this morning and we hung up and he called again. Asked me why I had not answered his e-mails and had a package to send me. I asked where he was calling from and I believe he said Africa. he was very hard to understand. I told him I did not know what he was talking about and not to call again.


Caller ID: out of area

Rick said: They call repeatedly. When I answer, they explain that they are calling because of a government grant of $40,000 is waiting on me. And I was selected randomly according to the demographics in my area.



Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: Windows Monitoring Service
Reported Location: Mississippi

Rick said: This person called saying he was from Windows monitoring service and that they had been receiving warning messages from my computer for two weeks and he could help me repair the problem. I asked him if he understood the term bull---- and he said that he did. I told him that he was full of it and hung up.


Reported Location: Jacksonville NC

Rick said: Caller asks "May I speak to Rick?" and when I answered dead air, then disconnects...


Reported Location: Bellevue, WA

Rick said: This is the callback number I received. I was told that I will receive $5,000.00 US p/day for a total of %1.5 Million US, but I was to call this number to make the arrangements. (we know what that means).


Caller ID: Choice windows
Reported Location: Alberta

Rick said: This outfit has called continuos lover a few day period. They state they are in the area and ask about our windows. As soon as I say we have new windows they hang up.


Company / Organization: earthworks landscaping
Reported Location: edmonton ab


Reported Location: 25405

Rick said: If i could find where it originates I believe I would pay them a personal visit. just so I could tell them what assholes they are.


Caller ID: 00-1876-648-0805
Reported Location: India

Rick said: I received a call from this number. It was a automated voice call in girl's voice. She was saying, she is alone at home and wanted to make a boyfriend. If you liked her, please call on that number. She also doesn't forget to mention that is she is madly waiting for my reply.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: not listed
Reported Location: 17112

Rick said: Called twice - 7/31/2014 - no response after answering


Caller ID: s washington
Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: WEST SACRAMENTO



Reported Location: Ontario, Canada

Rick said: Individual male with a heavy accent looking for a doctor from South Africa.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Windows Center
Reported Location: Kansas City

Rick said: They claim to be some sort of Windows Company that is receiving error messages from my computer. I ahve received same call from different phone numbers. Usually with some Indian or Pakastani sounding fellow on the other end.


Rick said: Just calls and then .. DEAD AIR