Caller ID: invalid number
Reported Location: greensboro, nc 27407

KB said: I let answering machine pick up and they specifically asked for me by first and last name


Reported Location: Hawaii

KB said: Called at 5:34am, nobody on the line when I answered.


Caller ID: Name not found

KB said: Mid eastern accent asked if I had a computer. Have heard about this scam and how they tell you you've been hacked and try to get money to fix it. So, I told them I did not have a computer. Click! Hopefully got rid of those crooks!


Caller ID: Name not found
Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: livermore, ca

KB said: 11/5/2014 Did not answer, left no message.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Canada

KB said: No body spook. So I end the call


KB said: Called Feb 19 2014, didn't leave a message


KB said: got call from it , returned call to number 5 min later and says disconnected no longer in service?


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Telemarketer

KB said: Just received a call from this number.  Guy is totally rude and unprofessional.  This number needs to be reported to the Department of Business Regulations and a complaint filed with the FCC!!!!!!!!!!


Caller ID: "us gov"
Caller type: Telemarketer

KB said: called with my address and name saying I am getting a 5600 tax refund from the gov. what am I STUPID? I havent even paid 5600 worth of taxes since I have been in the work force. claims to be with the US gov and wants to verify address then asks for your CC# to deposit the funds. Definite scam...the dude has a hardcore accent and when i didnt giv emy CC# he hung up, I called back and he answered "hello" then when he realized he said "is this <my name>, i am <forgot his "name"> with us gov" I told him not to call my number anymore, then he hung up in my face, I am calling my local fruad dept.


Caller ID: some law firm
Caller type: Collection Agency

KB said: I just got a new home phone a few weeks ago (gave up on stupid cable phone) Apparently the person who had this number before never paid a bill in their lives, judging by the amount of debt collectors and attorney's offices that call me on this number. This number is particularily annoying because it is a recording, that doesn't ask for a person, but a number (perhaps a case number??) I have used the opt-out feature several times without success, and they call 2-3 times a day. The Caller ID reads 'Law office of s" but without the full name i can't really find the actual owner and ask them to stop calling /force them to stop calling through litigation. My brother works for the sheriff's office and i am ging to try pursuing something through them, but without knowing who it is, it may be hard to file a complaint. ANy suggestions? SHouldn't there be a law tat says phone companies should wait for some period before reassigning a number (or at least some measure to notify people that it is a new person?) If COngress wants my vote, then do something about anoying debt collectors that go seemingly unregulated in their harassment of innocent parties.


Caller ID: 323-429-7536



KB said: I just got off the phone with t-mobile. They basically told me that I had twelve txt messages and that I was charged for all of them - a total of $3.21. The first customer service woman was condenscending and rude (which is something I am finding from the t-mobile personnel recently) and told me that she could not take the charges off. Nor would she tell me what the number was that was sending the txts...it was 'against the law' to do so.

I called back after going through my cell phone and finding zero, zip, nada messages on it. The second customer service agent was a lot nicer and removed the charges.

I found out on line what the number was that had 'sent' the messages and came to this forum.

Aggravation!!! I do hope someone contacts Jesse and asks for his help.

I have taken the precaution of blocking all txts, all emails and all i.m's.


Caller ID: Pastor Art Hage

KB said: This joker called me with a recorded message to save my sole.

At the end they said to call 304-437-2740 which is a number for pastor Art Hage.

I'm on the do not call list.