Reported Location: cola.sc

Anon said: from "jayden-allen (at) ccreceipt.com stating "had just processed payment against invoice KW1521" for an" order of $1500m sales tax189." giving tele (139)769-56-01, stating my credit card, (not id) had been charged, dated" 12/29/2916 at 07:41am", no request and no reply.


Anon said: Repeat phone
Calls from 1- 532-807-6507
Area code invalid


Anon said: Spoofed caller-id, PC support scam, "we can see your computer on the internets is having a wirus..."


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 90505

Anon said: No message was left. Seems like a spoof.


Reported Location: San Antonio, TX


Anon said: Called at midnight UK time, no-one there


Anon said: Receive call 2 3 times per day. Nothing spoken but hear hang up.


Reported Location: 49418

Anon said: No message, nothing


Caller ID: alliancealarm

Anon said: Three calls today-only two rings then hung up.


Reported Location: GA

Anon said: Male caller, foreign accent, actually knew my name, that is scary. Called at 9 pm.


Caller ID: US
Reported Location: Bismarck ND

Anon said: This number has called me twice today and I do not answer numbers I am not familiar with.


Company / Organization: aruba hotel

Anon said: i saw an unidentified credit card transaction and asked the (credit card) company. they gave me this number and said that i should contact them. i tried to talk to them but it
seems like the line’s always busy so i searched … (the bank says i can dispute the transaction if it stays in my transaction list - or something - ) but what worries me is how
‘they’ got my card number ...


Reported Location: Regina, SK

Anon said: Unknown caller. Didn't pick up. No message.


Caller ID: Not available
Reported Location: MD

Anon said: Received several calls on my land line, but did not answer. Caller left no message.


Anon said: Indian woman claiming to be phoning from BT about my corrupt internet. She wanted me to log on tto my computer so she could help me fix the problem. She said I would be cut off if I didn't comply. I did not log on and I still have internet!


Reported Location: sheffield uk

Anon said: Rude persistent and demanding. Asked for a family member by name and refused to state his business. Stayed connected blocking line.


Anon said: said from medicare had info that i had a body pain hung up when i asked for more info


Caller ID: Anonymous Caller
Reported Location: pampanga

Anon said: That phone number called me at the middle of the night. I would like to know where that call came from. Hope to hear from u soon.


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: California

Anon said: Multiple calls at 4:00-6:00am pst. Will not identify themselves and continue to call despite being told not to many times.