Anon said: calling about a so-called accident


Company / Organization: Aberg Shipping Co Oy
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: Canada

Anon said: No phone call actually received. In emails this number shown for Aberg Shipping Co Oy which states it is located in Seattle, WA and Finland among other places. Found while searching for info on a used truck. I think the truck info was hacked from another legitimate site so they can receive the funds and ship a vehicle that they don't have in their possession. BE WARNED OF THE POSSIBLE SCAM!


Reported Location: Niagara Falls ON.

Anon said: Didn't answer. Got a new message waiting but there was no one there.


Caller ID: 1-005-235-1318
Company / Organization: None Listed
Reported Location: Phoenix, AZ

Anon said: This long number is what shows up when I open my phone, the last set of numbers is eight digits instead of 4. 005-235-13182570. Has anyone else gotten a call with the last set having 8 digits? Who can I report this to?


Reported Location: Suffolk County NY

Anon said: An accented voice said "Hello hello can you hear me " I've had these calls before that claimed to be the FBI or IRS and threatened me with arrest! Best thing to do is to block these numbers . Then the phone will ring just once and no message can be left. They will try again, using another number --just be patient and keep on blocking them!Sooner or later enough people will catch on --pass this info to your friends!


Anon said: They hung up when I answered. no other information


Anon said: this is a toronto, ontario cell number on rogers communications. it was an unsolicited & missed call.


Reported Location: Winnipeg


Reported Location: BH14 UK

Anon said: Not recognised by me, not answered, now deleted. Getting spoof number calls almost daily.


Caller ID: was phne #
Reported Location: Buffalo, NY

Anon said: We didn't answer. we don't answer calls we don't recognize. THIS GOT THRU NOMOROBO.


Reported Location: Parma MI

Anon said: No one was on the line


Reported Location: UK

Anon said: This number has called me a few times. I didn't pick up, just let it go to my machine, but naturally they didn't leave a message


Caller ID: "Out of Area"
Reported Location: 55317

Anon said: called at 8 am in the morning. we didn't pick up and they left no message


Caller ID: Washington DC
Reported Location: California

Anon said: Don't know anyone in DC. Didn’t pick up.


Caller ID: i have no idea
Reported Location: Los Angeles

Anon said: I get mostly scam or telemarketer calls. I am wise to all of them and have a call blocker. It has probably overwritten its 150 call database 20 times. These idiots called. 8:00 am, which makes me very VERY angry, as I am down with a bad cold and these creeps woke me up. I have no consumer debt,so if it’s a collector, they are following a dead end.


Reported Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Anon said: I have been getting calls that are blocked about 6 or shortly after, in the morning two or three hours after I get to bed. This morning it showed a number and after some checking, that number seems to be coming from a little place in India, however I suspect it may be spoofed. I am not brave or crazy enough to call it back.


Reported Location: cola.sc

Anon said: from "jayden-allen (at) ccreceipt.com stating "had just processed payment against invoice KW1521" for an" order of $1500m sales tax189." giving tele (139)769-56-01, stating my credit card, (not id) had been charged, dated" 12/29/2916 at 07:41am", no request and no reply.


Anon said: Repeat phone
Calls from 1- 532-807-6507
Area code invalid


Anon said: Spoofed caller-id, PC support scam, "we can see your computer on the internets is having a wirus..."


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 90505

Anon said: No message was left. Seems like a spoof.