Caller ID: performant reco
Company / Organization: Performant Recovery Inc.

Anon said: This is a debt collector mostly used for student loans. They are relentless. Blocking their number does no good because they switch numbers and just keep calling.


Reported Location: Beaverton, OR

Anon said: 6:45 am Sunday morning. Same - silence followed by a dial tone.


Caller ID: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 99203


Caller ID: 1-866-405-2095
Company / Organization: TruStage

Anon said: This caller is TruStage, and they called me to verify information on a life insurance application I had filled out. The life insurance was offered by my Credit Union.


Reported Location: 68046

Anon said: I don't have voice mail, but get calls from this number on my cell phone. Annoying, as I am on the do not call list.


Anon said: No idea who this is or what company it represents. Had an "International Out of Area" signal on my 'phone so do not answer those.


Company / Organization: Ring Central
Reported Location: NYC,NY

Anon said: This was an e-mail sent to me. The message is 'You have a new fax message from 688-500-3715'
Thank You for using Ring Central
See attachment, which is FAX.Zip.


Caller ID: M528142224
Reported Location: Barrie


Reported Location: Mission, BC

Anon said: Called at 1030pm. Hung up once we answered.


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: Orlando

Anon said: They offered me a lower rate of interest on my credit cards.


Anon said: and call, and call, and call, and call, and call. and all i owed was $3.50 on my card. like piss off...


Caller ID: ou of area
Reported Location: Florida

Anon said: Google listings and they will not stop calling. I am beginning to hate Google and not use anything they have.


Anon said: Called and said nothing then called again and left no voicemail. Tried calling but it doesn't work.


Reported Location: mqt, mi 49855


Anon said: claims to be from Microsoft, wants to talk about junk mail. He is a spoofer.


Reported Location: 46948

Anon said: Going to fix my computer error. Called me saying they received message from my computer. When I called number back couldn't be completed as dialed.