Reported Location: 28431


Anon said: Had a recorded message about a lawsuit from the irs and a number to call back


Caller ID: Unknown Number
Reported Location: CA

Anon said: three calls this morning. Can hear boiler room in background, but when I don't answer, they fail to leave a message.


Anon said: Woman harrasing me


Company / Organization: Alleged Microsoft support
Reported Location: Pa

Anon said: Bogus Microsoft technical support tell you your computer has errors, viruses, etc to scam you to pay them money to fix your computer I had 5 different calls since nov 2014 til now with area codes 467, 464, 847, 770 reporting to cyber crimes Washington DC


Anon said: +91 86959 23136 this number is linked to the logged number as it forwarded it as a contact.


Caller ID: 277-396-9786
Reported Location: 70653

Anon said: Called on 1/22/2015. Always report them to FCC, Do Not Call. Eventually AT&T and others will have to provide a way to stop these calls. Consumers shouldn't have to pay high prices just to be harassed and no solution. As soon as AT&T is fined heavy, it will stop.


Anon said: Claimed to be the IRS.


Company / Organization: Fairview University Ortho
Reported Location: Minnesota

Anon said: Appointment reminder from Fairview University Ortho.


Reported Location: Toronto, ON

Anon said: There is a girl that keeps calling asking to speak to the owner. When asked why she's calling, she simply says to provide some information. She will not disclose what kind of information and proceeds to ask for an email. She says that she's not trying to sell anything and would only like to provide some information. I've hung up on her a few times already. She'll first call from an UNKNOWN NUMBER, and then from 1-866-518-8078.


Reported Location: New Mexico, USA

Anon said: Received a call from this number on 1-18-2015. I was concerned because the area code was "038", which seems like it should be a foreign number. The voicemail picked up, and they did not leave a message.


Reported Location: Ireland


Reported Location: uk

Anon said: Rings at 6:30 am and the number isn't recognized. So annoying to be waking up my whole house.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Company / Organization: Says they are IRS
Reported Location: Dallas, TX

Anon said: Got a call from 835-693-8744- they left a voicemail stating they are the IRS & are suing me. When I called the number back, a automated error message states the number or code you have dialed is incorrect, please check the number & try your call again.


Reported Location: bedfordshire

Anon said: want to no who called me, but did,nt leave a message.


Reported Location: Spokane

Anon said: Woke me out of a sound sleep before 6:00 am. Robo-call offering to "fix my taxes." Gave a different return number but was too sleepy to write it down...