Caller ID: Unknown

Anon said: Fishing call


Reported Location: Ma.

Anon said: This number keeps showing up on caller ID ,,,never leave a message! Sick of phone ringing several times a day! I'm on No call List,,they need to get busy and take care of this bllsht!!!


Reported Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Anon said: Not sure about the number format, but those are the digits which show up on the display. They claim to offer WestJet deals. I just hang up.


Caller ID: drug dealer
Company / Organization: narc

Anon said: he sells meth


Reported Location: mn

Anon said: Jerk with accent (India) asks if our home is 50 yes old_, or asks if we own a 2014 Mercedes, then asks if my wife likes cuddling. He calls every night.


Anon said: On a serious note , can anyone find out where these calls are coming from. Are they ringing at the same time each day which could mean that they are programmed at specific times to various people. Is it a scam of some kind ?


Caller ID: CA

Anon said: Scammers! They try to separate you & your money!


Anon said: Individual with a substantial accent called from a "boiler room" operation (lots of voices in background" telling me that I had won $9,500, explaining the reason why I had won, and offered me either an ATM card or a check. At that point he started to inquire about my personal information in preparation to hand me along to his "boss" who, allegedly, had more information. I hung up


Reported Location: arkansas

Anon said: Call log displays a 39 minute received call from this number 3days ago but don't recall having that long of a conversation with anyone. Very strange, indeed.



Anon said: received call from lady with Indian accent. started spiel about being from MicrosoftTechnical department, I played along but used my tabletshe went on about the Windows key, I said I hadnt got a windows key, but had a key with a "house" on it. Asked her for my ISP address, which she of course got wrong, so played along a littlemore then she realised that she was being led up the garden path! She then called me 2 very obscene namesand I politely thanked he for her help, RESULT!!!!


Reported Location: GA

Anon said: Said we had a problem with our computer and they were calling to fix it.


Anon said: Call from this unidentified # - i didn't answer.


Caller ID: NONE

Anon said: Unwanted call from this number stating he was calling from technical support for Windows. I stopped him there because I made no call regarding help for any computer and I hung up. Very suspicious to me.


Caller ID: Anon
Company / Organization: SCAM

Anon said: Getting calls from this number claiming to look for someone who does not live there. Scam company


Caller ID: None Appears.
Reported Location: Houston, TX

Anon said: Indian guy claiming my computer was infected and he needed to take over my machine to correct the problem. Has called back 4 times since the initial call.


Caller ID: fax customer
Reported Location: Nassau County NY

Anon said: Seems that the number shown was sending a fax. I don't have a fax machine.r


Reported Location: Brossard,Quebec


Reported Location: Qatar

Anon said: missed call


Reported Location: Toronto, ON

Anon said: Received unsolicited call Sunday afternoon, not answered, no voicemail left.