Caller ID: 0000000000
Company / Organization: Claim Treasury Dept
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: GA

Anon said: Poss Australian or British-accented female voice leaves msg claiming to be from the Treasury Dept. Gives no name, but claims badge number 4165. Claims a tax fraud has been committed against your name. Threatens consequences, including possible arrest if the call is ignored. Claims it is to be considered as a notice to appear before a Magistrate or Tax Court. Leaves a number to call: 240 232 2197.


Company / Organization: Micro-soft
Reported Location: Vancouver

Anon said: Some guy claiming to be from Microsoft who says that your "windows" maybe compromised by whatever. He hung up after I requested his name and supervisor and his phone number. This guy had an obvious Middle Eastern accent. Its a scam!


Caller ID: no name - 190 #

Anon said: Had three 190 calls today. Did not answer as I have call display.


Reported Location: New York

Anon said: Harassing call requesting s3xual services for payment


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Coventry, RI

Anon said: Said they were Microsoft, and that there was a strange signal coming from my computer. They wanted information on my computer, which was when I said I don't give information out on my computer, and said this was fake, and she got flustered, said thank you and quickly hung up.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: (Claim) IRS
Reported Location: WI

Anon said: Called up to let us know "legal action" will be taken by IRS against us.
BS pure and simple


Caller ID: No idea???
Reported Location: 98366

Anon said: No connect went called back. Leaves message saying you are being sued by IRS. Leaves a Seattle number that is answered by foreigner saying he is IRS. Says you owe money. Gives an amount. Threatens with putting out a warrent. Went asked for ID refuses. When asked when bill was sent becomes more demanding. When you refuse to pay hangs up. If you try to call back there is no answer at Seattle nber


Anon said: scammers....block this number


Caller ID: cell phone jm
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Vancouver, WA

Anon said: They called at 10:25 PM and it sounded like a recording in some unusual language. Very irritating.


Caller ID: Unknown

Anon said: Had a recorded message about a lawsuit from the IRS. Total BS


Reported Location: Utah

Anon said: I got a automated call saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. I called my CPA and he said that it is a scam and that if it were a real notification that it would come in a letter and not a phone call. The IRS will NEVER call you.


Reported Location: 90065

Anon said: called, left no message


Reported Location: 97501

Anon said: I did not answer the call today, 021915 at 9:30am from this number, 564-323-4565. I called the number back in about 5 minutes. The operator came on and stated " this number can not be completed as dialed". Whoever, is doing the calling is hoaxing the number.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Charlotte NC

Anon said: Scammer. Gentleman with Indian accent claimed to be with MS Technical Support . . . calling about error an message on our computer. He insisted on allowing him to login to our network. He then became extremely frustrated with me when I called his bluff - we run OS X on our Macs.


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: Claiming to be irs
Reported Location: DC

Anon said: sounded like scam
call back number they left was 360-362-4730