Caller ID: Michael Graham
Company / Organization: Michael Graham
Reported Location: WV

Anon said: Recorded message regarding senior health care - total SPAM!


Reported Location: 33015

Anon said: They called but noone spoke so I hung up. A few minutes later they called and again noone spoke, they hung up a few seconds after.


Company / Organization: US Pharmacy


Reported Location: uk

Anon said: Called by this number on Friday and again today, Monday. Told me they are refunding ppi on a loan, they give you all the details of the loan then another person asks you for the same details and then passes you to a third person. At this point I hung up. Today I hung up.


Reported Location: Toronto, Ontario

Anon said: I got a call from this number claiming that they are Microsoft and that my computer has been sending error messages that they wanted to fix. I think they are hackers.


Caller ID: 0000000000
Company / Organization: Claim Treasury Dept
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: GA

Anon said: Poss Australian or British-accented female voice leaves msg claiming to be from the Treasury Dept. Gives no name, but claims badge number 4165. Claims a tax fraud has been committed against your name. Threatens consequences, including possible arrest if the call is ignored. Claims it is to be considered as a notice to appear before a Magistrate or Tax Court. Leaves a number to call: 240 232 2197.


Company / Organization: Micro-soft
Reported Location: Vancouver

Anon said: Some guy claiming to be from Microsoft who says that your "windows" maybe compromised by whatever. He hung up after I requested his name and supervisor and his phone number. This guy had an obvious Middle Eastern accent. Its a scam!


Caller ID: no name - 190 #

Anon said: Had three 190 calls today. Did not answer as I have call display.


Reported Location: New York

Anon said: Harassing call requesting s3xual services for payment


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Coventry, RI

Anon said: Said they were Microsoft, and that there was a strange signal coming from my computer. They wanted information on my computer, which was when I said I don't give information out on my computer, and said this was fake, and she got flustered, said thank you and quickly hung up.