Reported Location: 3107 Victoria, Australia

Anon said: Rang me as a total stranger wanting to talk to me about his company. When I indicated I wasn't interested and hung up he phoned back several times with abusive swearing. I did not answer his subsequent calls.


Anon said: telemarketer using fake phone # to hide identity


Caller ID: Unknown

Anon said: telemarketer using fake phone #


Reported Location: L3Z 2C4

Anon said: Just wondering who called.@ 4:24 pm on March 30/17.


Anon said: Bill collector, spammer?


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: New Hersey

Anon said: As a previous look up came up with not a valid area code, am assumming this has been spoofed.
Scammed etc.


Reported Location: Oregon

Anon said: Just 5 seconds of breathing then they hung up?


Caller ID: 138-857-0876
Reported Location: virginia, usa

Anon said: Caller has accent of someone from India. Says he works for WhizTech and they are getting error messages from our computer, wants to tell us how to fix it. Says they work for Microsoft.


Anon said: Someone , a female called, gave my name as a contact. Her name was Beverly. Could also make out another # as 555-1007. Note,
I did not call any of the numbers as they can be phishing schemes, and just calling them may reroute out of country at international rates, and
this will bypass the long distance, out of the US blocking. SO DO NOT return this call, or any call you do not recognize.
A name of a business was given but could not make it out since the caller was talking fast, and also black.


Anon said: fisching website asking to call to fix bug


Company / Organization: Apple tech support
Reported Location: 47150

Anon said: Flashing red Warning about personal and financial information may be in danger after touching a gaming ap in the ap store on iPad with this number to call apple tech support immediately. Afraid it might be a scam?


Reported Location: Boise, idaho

Anon said: Didn't pick up, left no message for me, just curious!


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: 11951

Anon said: Answered and said hello.... said it twice and then a computer voice replied goodbye and hung up on me. They are now blocked on my home phone.


Reported Location: Boise, ID

Anon said: called, no message.


Caller ID: 'unknown'

Anon said: Didn't answer, no message. Indications from other sites that it's likely to have been a telemarketer or phishing call.


Anon said: harrassment .calls several times per day every day