Reported Location: uk

Anon said: Rings at 6:30 am and the number isn't recognized. So annoying to be waking up my whole house.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Company / Organization: Says they are IRS
Reported Location: Dallas, TX

Anon said: Got a call from 835-693-8744- they left a voicemail stating they are the IRS & are suing me. When I called the number back, a automated error message states the number or code you have dialed is incorrect, please check the number & try your call again.


Reported Location: bedfordshire

Anon said: want to no who called me, but did,nt leave a message.


Reported Location: Spokane

Anon said: Woke me out of a sound sleep before 6:00 am. Robo-call offering to "fix my taxes." Gave a different return number but was too sleepy to write it down...


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Brooklyn, n. Y.

Anon said: I received 6 consecutive calls from this number on January 4, 2015 around 11.31 a.m. When I picked up on the third call, there was a click, some interferences and I heard a woman saying, "hello". I responded but she apparently could not hear me. I wonder what kind of scam this is!


Reported Location: 60061


Caller ID: out of area
Reported Location: 12106

Anon said: no one on the line


Company / Organization: TAPS

Anon said: Very rude, hung up on me, then a different, ruder person called back, assumed I was someone else, refused to give any information about the company other than that they were a "processing service". This second person claimed to be a supervisor, but couldn't even pronounce half the words on her script. Reeks of a scam.


Anon said: Calls and never says anything when call is picked up


Reported Location: Canada

Anon said: called twice


Caller ID: Name Unavailable

Anon said: Received a call this morning from this number. Caller said that he "wanted to talk to me about my computer." I told him to add my name to his do not call list.


Anon said: dont answer this call


Anon said: this is an IRS collection scam


Caller ID: Unkown
Reported Location: California

Anon said: Did not answer. No message was left. Interesting that Same number has called others.


Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Sarnia, Ontario

Anon said: They said that my # was picked for a special xmas promotion for home security service and when I asked her for the 3rd time to take our # off their calling list she hung up on me. Very disturbing.


Reported Location: eire

Anon said: rang but missed 1st call rang back but no-one on other side


Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: Townawanda ny


Caller ID: No Name
Company / Organization: ? Degree
Reported Location: Oklahoma

Anon said: got a call from this number for college info, never requested this info. I did tell him not interested, I've asked your company to stop calling and put me on the Do Not Call List. He refused, said he would call back later. This is an international call and I do not believe they will be required to comply with the do not call.