Caller ID: CA

Anon said: Scammers! They try to separate you & your money!


Anon said: Individual with a substantial accent called from a "boiler room" operation (lots of voices in background" telling me that I had won $9,500, explaining the reason why I had won, and offered me either an ATM card or a check. At that point he started to inquire about my personal information in preparation to hand me along to his "boss" who, allegedly, had more information. I hung up


Reported Location: arkansas

Anon said: Call log displays a 39 minute received call from this number 3days ago but don't recall having that long of a conversation with anyone. Very strange, indeed.



Anon said: received call from lady with Indian accent. started spiel about being from MicrosoftTechnical department, I played along but used my tabletshe went on about the Windows key, I said I hadnt got a windows key, but had a key with a "house" on it. Asked her for my ISP address, which she of course got wrong, so played along a littlemore then she realised that she was being led up the garden path! She then called me 2 very obscene namesand I politely thanked he for her help, RESULT!!!!


Reported Location: GA

Anon said: Said we had a problem with our computer and they were calling to fix it.


Anon said: Call from this unidentified # - i didn't answer.


Caller ID: NONE

Anon said: Unwanted call from this number stating he was calling from technical support for Windows. I stopped him there because I made no call regarding help for any computer and I hung up. Very suspicious to me.


Caller ID: Anon
Company / Organization: SCAM

Anon said: Getting calls from this number claiming to look for someone who does not live there. Scam company


Caller ID: None Appears.
Reported Location: Houston, TX

Anon said: Indian guy claiming my computer was infected and he needed to take over my machine to correct the problem. Has called back 4 times since the initial call.


Caller ID: fax customer
Reported Location: Nassau County NY

Anon said: Seems that the number shown was sending a fax. I don't have a fax machine.r


Reported Location: Brossard,Quebec


Reported Location: Qatar

Anon said: missed call


Reported Location: Toronto, ON

Anon said: Received unsolicited call Sunday afternoon, not answered, no voicemail left.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: battle, uk

Anon said: invites you to call back - presumably at some cost


Reported Location: Hampshire

Anon said: Didn't recognise the number so didn't answer.


Reported Location: san diego, CA

Anon said: Indian guy, very hard to understand, just hung up after I didn't understand him the 3rd time. Very strange.


Reported Location: san diego, CA

Anon said: Indian guy, very hard to understand, just hung up after I didn't understand him the 3rd time. Very strange.


Company / Organization: Nixon University (online edu)
Reported Location: UAE

Anon said: I clicked a link on my linkedin page advertising a fast track to getting a MBA degree. In less than 30 seconds after putting my details in the online application for more information, these guys call from "Nixon University" promise me degree for 3000 dollars, I don't even have to attend any classes or write any exams! Said I had enough "life skills and experience! Showed all kinds of sample certificates etc over a linked chat facility on their website, but could not give me a street address or physical location for the Nixon University campus. BOGUS SCAMMERS. They have been calling me for a few days now...I just don't answer when I see the number, they will eventually get tired of calling.

Don't get caught out by these guys!! There is no such thing as a legitimate degree without studying and writing examinations! If that were true then everyone would be Doctors and Engineers, LOL!!