Anon said: fisching website asking to call to fix bug


Company / Organization: Apple tech support
Reported Location: 47150

Anon said: Flashing red Warning about personal and financial information may be in danger after touching a gaming ap in the ap store on iPad with this number to call apple tech support immediately. Afraid it might be a scam?


Reported Location: Boise, idaho

Anon said: Didn't pick up, left no message for me, just curious!


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: 11951

Anon said: Answered and said hello.... said it twice and then a computer voice replied goodbye and hung up on me. They are now blocked on my home phone.


Reported Location: Boise, ID

Anon said: called, no message.


Caller ID: 'unknown'

Anon said: Didn't answer, no message. Indications from other sites that it's likely to have been a telemarketer or phishing call.


Anon said: harrassment .calls several times per day every day


Reported Location: Madison, Wi

Anon said: Called numerous times and left no message. Caller ID said "Unknown". Strange area code. Strange call pattern.


Reported Location: Madison,Wi

Anon said: Received numerous calls from 1-287-471-7730. I think this close similarity of the numbers is no coincidence. Left no messages.


Company / Organization: Pure
Reported Location: Edinburgh

Anon said: Pure op out


Reported Location: TX

Anon said: Caller says something in Spanish I told him I did not speak Spanish He hangs up then calls immediately back using expletives


Caller ID: out of area
Company / Organization: Microsoft
Reported Location: las vegas

Anon said: Said had to pay $100 in order for them to stop calling. then proceeded to be vulgar and call me an a**hole and asked if I was a N***er


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: lincoln ne

Anon said: no one there


Anon said: This appears to be a good call number claiming you have been in an accident which was reported giving your address


Anon said: Called I did not answer. Left no message.


Reported Location: Yorkshire

Anon said: Called by this number at 0832, 5.11.16. Didn't recognise it so let it go to answerphone. As usual with these calls - no message left. Had been plagued by these type of calls all summer, but for some reason have had none for 2 months. Now seems to be starting again?


Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: china liaoning bayuquan

Anon said: telemarketing.


Reported Location: Scotland

Anon said: Cold Caller


Company / Organization: canadian immigration
Reported Location: saudi arabia

Anon said: asking for payment for assessment