Reported Location: Anderson sc

Anon said: Church spam robocall.


Company / Organization: Kotak
Caller type: Telemarketer

Anon said: Aggressive Telemarketer


Caller ID: Name not found

Anon said: Caller ID: Name Not Found
Left no message.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: 15009

Anon said: some scam about computer security (very hard to hear)


Reported Location: B.C.

Anon said: phoned me at 4 a.m.


Caller ID: Name not found

Anon said: Caller said he was from Microsoft and wanted me to follow his instructions so hackers couldn't get in my computer. This is an obvious scam, don't fall for it. Simply hang up, block the number and report it.


Reported Location: IL

Anon said: Left 6 second voice mail ending with have a great day


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Anon said: Thursday, January 28, 20016 10:33am


Reported Location: 18702

Anon said: Caller stated This is Lisa Kent-how are you today? I answered I don't know you good-bye. The number I didn't recognize but thought it was a friend from out-of-state. I usually ignore unknowns.


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: 73139

Anon said: Repeated calls from this number trying to sell Windows related (I have a MAC). I am on the do not call list and have at least 5 times told them to quit calling me. Today I had to shout over the man to be heard.


Caller ID: Not available
Reported Location: 23112

Anon said: Did not answer as area code was invalid.


Company / Organization: national grid
Reported Location: 02917


Reported Location: Cincinnati, OH

Anon said: This number called to tell me there are problems with my computer and I need to change my address.


Caller ID: Unavailable

Anon said: Reported to fcc


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: huntington texas

Anon said: Female voice always mumbles and call is never able to call back
Had several calls yesterday from 7142176763 and had same result female voice always mumbles and never able to call back


Anon said: Receive a call from this number from a woman who barely spoke English. She wanted to "remove" unwanted viruses from my computer. Very annoying! She gave no business name or identifying info. Probably SCAM Inc.


Reported Location: 02118

Anon said: Called twice now, no message. Really annoying!!


Caller ID: WA
Reported Location: 93555

Anon said: This is the second call from 'David Grey' informing me that I have to appear 'before a magistrate' (a dead give-away that this is not a valid court case in the USA) or a grand jury.
Check it out on the internet. Sure must be a scam.


Company / Organization: Tradorax
Reported Location: Mckinney,tx