Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: Marshall, Mi. 49068

Lori said: this man from the number called back to back 9 times claiming to have fixed a computer, he scammed my sister last year, and tried for 5 months to get back into our system, we are tired of the harassment, and I have told him many times I will call the police, the FBI I will call anyone who will help me stop this scammer. I have severe health issues and I cannot take the harassment.


Reported Location: 51553

Lori said: No message left


Reported Location: Chicago

Lori said: they call every day!!! at least 3-4 times. it is always someone with a very heavy accent that is hard to understand!! each time they call they say they are a different company. the last time they said they were from NYU in Mississippi! i said "NYU in Mississippi?" he tried to say i heard wrong that he said New York. i Just said i was not interested in anything they have and hung up!!!!!! now they keep calling and hanging up!!!!!!!!


Reported Location: TACOMA WA

Lori said: Best western was on email. Best Western says it was from Expedia. M


Reported Location: placerville ca


Company / Organization: CVS Caremark Pharmacy
Reported Location: FRESNO


Lori said: Got a weird text saying "I'm super horny help me out"?
Psychotic. Don't know this number


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: washington

Lori said: just showed up in my billing history after phone sais syncing


Reported Location: Rogersville, NB CA

Lori said: I bought a pay-as-you-go from Telus two days ago, and so far there are 10 calls that are outbound showing on my transaction history. I have written two times so far and no answer. I am being charged every time and it is deducting money...any ideas??


Reported Location: florida

Lori said: chain of numbers have been calling over and over, same people about a loan but diff numbers...even when we say NOT to call


Caller ID: 3109294508

Lori said: Just had the call. I pressed 1 then hung up straight after. I get a lot of weird numbers show up from media across the world for my job so I wasn't concerned with a strange number showing up on my cell.


Lori said: Yah I received the call on my dads cell phone. I'm in Canada too.
I came online to check who it might be.. since I realized it was from California.
Thanks though.. your posts helped out.
Glad I didn't answer it.



Lori said: Calls from this number, hanging up on my answering machine. Just called the number and I got a recording saying the number is no longer in service.  Strange.


Lori said: no voice message


Lori said: Received a call on my cell.


Lori said: Received a call from this number. Answered and they hung up.


Lori said: Keeps calling. Who is it?


Lori said: Got a call from this number. Any idea who it could be?