j said: I'm on do not call list, so that makes this an illegal phone call.
Tired of this caller calling daily & multiple times a day.
Complains on another web site, no one knows who caller is or what they want.


Caller ID: NONE

j said: Called, left no msg


j said: Seemed like bad connection. Caller had accent, difficult to understand. Think she said something about verification and my ISP.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: power company
Reported Location: San Francisco

j said: Just received a bogus sounding sales call from this number that very quickly disintegrated to the caller making innappropriate personal comments. I redialed the number and it wasn't accepting calls. A quick search says this is an invalid area code. What gives?


Reported Location: Napa can 94558

j said: Unsure of callers motive


Reported Location: Montreal

j said: They called both my cell and my wife's cell... said hello... no response... looks like an anonymous targeted search to me...


Reported Location: Florida

j said: Your computer has a virus scam


Caller ID: NLS
Reported Location: South Carolina

j said: I got a call saying a complaint had been filed against the name used by both my dad and brother, but they didn't know to specify Jr or Sr. They also wouldn't say what it was about. I asked them "If you tracked me down then why can't you get in touch with him?" They said my number was listed as the primary contact. Neither my dad nor my brother list my number for any contacts. Something is fishy!


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 85050

j said: caller states do you have computer? says your computer has problems


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: 97224

j said: Calls and leave no message. Who in their right mind answers a phone call from name not found


j said: Called, no message left, 485 is not even an existing area code representing a physical area!


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: New Jersey

j said: Received call at 730 am on a Wednesday. Did not pick up


j said: Number now belongs to new owner, it is safe to call.


Caller ID: No Name

j said: Phone message about IRS trying to contact me. These are all scams! The IRS does not call anyone with whom they're attempting contact. They ALWAYS send mail through the US Post Office. Ignore these calls!!!!


j said: I was told I had been selected by the government to receive a $9,000 federal grant that did not need to be repaid. When I questioned this, was told it's because I have not declared bankruptcy and that I pay my bills. I voiced my concern it was a scam and was told "Shut up, I'm not forcing you to take this money" and the lady hung up on me.


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: 19475