Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: south carolina

Rufus said: guess is a telemarketer or scam.


Caller ID: -OUT OF AREA-

Rufus said: Claim to be IRS -- last call with a threat to go to court.


Caller ID: OPut of Area
Reported Location: 85122

Rufus said: Never answer these calls so don't know what they want but assume it's a scam of some sort.


Caller ID: NONE

Rufus said: Left me a message saying that I had filled out an entry form at a grocery store, mall, blah blah blah...they don't know.  Apparantly they are holding some prizes for a linited time..Oh yah...they also congratulated me for winning...lucky me....left me a -1-800 number to call.  They have called me several times...I have never hit ignore on my phone(usually I just let it ring when I don't recognize the number ...this caused the first message ever to be left?  This is about the 4th call.  Irritating:(