RJ said: scam


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: Las Vegas

RJ said: "MS. Brown" left message stating she is working on my file and needed me to call her office ASAP.


Caller ID: NA
Company / Organization: Superior Services

RJ said: Many early morning calls. Claiming to be Superior Services, offering refund because they are going out of business. $247.14 for services for my laptop. I don't have a laptop and told them that I will contact local police. They hung up.


Company / Organization: Bank of America (Scam)
Reported Location: Hawaii

RJ said: Getting calls from a number 1-800-821-6247 claiming to be Bank of America, but they couldn't locate my account number and started asking questions like my DOB and phone numbers on the account so they could locate my records. They did not provide any information that I could use to independently verify I was actually speaking with Bank of America. They had an old reference to an old closed out debt. I believe they are a scam using information they've bought on the darkweb, perhaps the Equifax breach, I don't know.


Reported Location: NC

RJ said: Calling to collect a student loan debt.


Reported Location: 865 tnrj

RJ said: Most annoying. Left no message


Caller ID: anonymous
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: ohio

RJ said: recently I started receiving a call from this number every day; sometimes several days; even when I answered it no one was there so today I called it back just to tell them off even though I know better but just am sick of it and it made just a bunch of noise.


Company / Organization: CFT arbitration firm
Reported Location: DC

RJ said: They had my last for social old bill and bank initials the wanted a 100 for a bill I couldn't remember even got a manager on the line I wanted verification of the bill and background they couldn't come up with it so I mentioned it would be on my credit report let me check no to that too
the wanted a 100.00 to stop court papers so I said I will go to court so I would at least have the original bill on paper they hung up


RJ said: Don't recognize number


Reported Location: 52241

RJ said: i said nothing few seconds later disconnected and then something wanted me to save the contact info


Caller ID: Kelly Cake Dhop
Reported Location: Friendswood, TX 77546

RJ said: Called at 6:30 am. Hung up when answered on first ring.


Reported Location: 63123


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Reported Location: Stl mo 63123


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Reported Location: Stl mo 63123


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Reported Location: Stl mo 63123


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Reported Location: Stl mo 63223


Caller ID: Toll Free Call
Reported Location: Stl,mo 63123


RJ said: Hi just wanted to tell you I also received these calls and reported them. I got information from another girl they called that they told her "You are going to Die" This is really scary. I did not answer the call and I am glad I did not. Some others on line told me this Education thing is a scam, that this number comes out of Iran. And other people have said that they have very foreign accents and they are Hackers, thats how they are getting numbers. They even have cell and Majicjack numbers, what creeps. Hope the FBI gets them for terroristic threats!


Caller ID: 1042927845

RJ said: Pranked called me physically threatening me


Caller ID: USF
Reported Location: Stbg.Pa

RJ said: these people call like 15 times a day and never leave a message. they are in oregon.
Not sure what they are selling and dont care I dont want what ever it is, I just want they to stop calling me