Reported Location: texas

BD said: Get calls from this number. Do not answer but no message left on recorder.


Reported Location: Portland Oregon

BD said: Man calling said that he was from Microsoft, claiming that there was a technical problem with my computer. When I asked him why the problem did not come up ON my computer he hung up. Been receiving a lot of these calls, always with the same 'talk' Mostly women calling, but some men also.


BD said: who are you?


Reported Location: Toronto


BD said: Didn't answer ...


BD said: Yes, it almost fooled me!  I got the same notice from World Financial Network National Bank yesterday saying they disclose all info they collect about me to companies performing marketing or other services on their behalf, etc. and if I wanted to opt out I could call 1-800-220-1181. I called and the automatated message asked for either my account numbers or my social security numbers. I can't believe that this is being done. Does anyone know who I can report this to to stop this practice?!