Company / Organization: textforfree.net

Jonathan said: 141-020-0500 is used by an online texting service by people who don't want to give out their own phone numbers. Most are scammers but I've used it to reach a client who won't accept incoming calls.


Caller ID: not given
Company / Organization: Don't know
Reported Location: San Francisco

Jonathan said: A bit of music then "Buenos Tardes". When I said I didn't speak Spanish and would like to be removed from the list, they hung up on me. The call came to my cell phone. Telemarketer for sure.


Jonathan said: Spanish (?) recorded message


Jonathan said: I can not believe it. This number called me this morning. Some woman speaking spanish. What is going on?


Caller type: Commercial

Jonathan said: second time around for me with this guy.  this time he's "nick crawford" from windsor engineering.  f***er's persistant, if nothing else.