Company / Organization: Global Tech
Reported Location: Toronto, Canada

louie said: Caller ID'd himself as William Smith and spoke English with heavy East Indian accent (first indication of possible hoax). Said his company was offering a refund for not providing services which should have been offered when I bought my computer with Microsoft; I use a Mac. He said his company would be going out of business and wanted to provide refund before closing up. Told me that I had to go to a sight and provide info to enable company to determine if I qualified for the refund. I told him this sounded like a scam and that his name wasn't William Smith before hanging up on him.


Company / Organization: New york new york
Reported Location: Santa Ana ca

louie said: Out of state scammers


Reported Location: Richmond, BC

louie said: It is Sears and here is THEIR number to be removed from this list.

I have been receiving a call 2-3x a day for few weeks now and found this number. I just phoned the agent to add me on the do-not-call list. The agent confirmed that they are having a lot of complaints.

Sears Customer Advocacy Department at 1-866-491-2247.


louie said: The representatives that handle business from this number (1-877-298-8855) are VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I was called on my work cell phone and when inquiring what the call was about they simply disconnected. I have tried several times to call back to get the number removed and they simply don't pick up. Watch out for this number and don't pick up!


louie said: Hey!! I got this number too..Is this person for real??


Caller ID: long distance

louie said: This is the second call I've gotten from the states today.  One from Ohio and now Colorado.

I didn't take either call.  Whoever invented Call Display is my hero.


louie said: This person calls me at ridiculous hours in the morning trying to have phone s3x. EVERY DAY!!