xx said: Called early this afternoon hanging up before the answer machine could come on.


xx said: Against the law to make soliciting phone calls to a cell phone without written permission from the cell phone holder.
Reporting caller for violation


xx said: Scammers call those on the do not call list.
Was this weird tone sound after my answer machine was done talking. Then some man came on saying hello. He held on for a few seconds then hung up.
Another web with complaints, this caller has called them a few times in the same day, each time not knowing what caller wanted.


xx said: Nothing but a scammer calling because I'm on a do not call list.
Caller didn't have balls to speak either


Caller ID: NJ

xx said: Camden, NJ
Caller didn't leave message.
Complaints on another site said her caller ID showed Patrolmans Foun


Caller ID: Los Angeles
Company / Organization: Pay Day Loan Scam

xx said: Recording: "HELLO! You have recently applied for a pay day loan & our private lenders have lowered their requirements loan qualifications. Your application has been reviewed by our largest lenders & you are now pre approved for our highest gold level of $1500. To collect your funds, simply press 1 now. Again press 1 now to receive your pre approved loan. If you would like to decline this loan, please press 9 & you will be taken off our list."
Caller ID showed Los Angeles, CA.
Same recording also comes from 925-247-1183 in CA.


Caller ID: OH

xx said: Dead silence, couldn't even hear caller hang up.
Complaints on another site say recording stating they didn't respond to recent calls about lowering their elec. bill.
One complaint said it was recording about credit card
Caller ID says Montpeiler, OH. but with cell phone now days, they can be forwarding their real number to a fake number to do their dirty diddies with.


xx said: Cell phone caller shown from Fullerton, CA.
Recording with music playing in the background as the robo call talked about their home security system


xx said: Calling a cell phone with solicitation is illegal in my state without written permission from the cell phone holder & no business has been given that from me as I will not give my # out to businesses. So any calls like this I know is a scam for a fact.


Caller ID: Los Angeles

xx said: Caller didn't speak.
Caller ID showed Los Angeles, CA, ......BUT the time zone is way off. It shows time of call over 5 hrs ahead of my time zone & CA IS NOT that ahead of me. Matter of fact, Calif is behind my time zone. Yes, I was home when I received the call.


xx said: Caller has called me March 2012, May 2013, Feb 2014 & in April 2016, the call I received was recording "calling about your current credit card account.

Now today's phone call, caller didn't say anything, just heard 3 taps of what sounded like maybe a pen being tapped on something. There was silence for a few seconds, then the caller hung up.


Caller ID: Phoenix

xx said: Caller ID showed Phoenix, AZ but hung up before my answer machine kicked on.


xx said: Stop stalking me!


xx said: its a call girl trying to solicit guys for s3x so she can get paid


xx said: you guys should file a class action suit!