Company / Organization: Scammer

xx said: Called my cell phone. I do not give my cell phone number out to businesses.
Complaints on another site say it's a recording about you stayed at one of our resorts & it went on to ask you question wanting you to say yes to. It's either a vacation scam or that newest scam where they record your yes answer & use it to make long distance calls to YOUR phone number.
One site says this is a home Verizon cell phone while another site says landline.
From Grove City, OH.


Company / Organization: Pay Day Loan Scam

xx said: You have recently applied for a pay day loan & are now approved


xx said: Caller didn't leave message.
Complaints on another site say same.


xx said: Caller didn't leave message.
Complaint on another site, receiver answered phone, caller hung up.
No doubt a scam.


xx said: Caller wouldn't let answer machine have a chance to come on, phone only rang 3 times.
No doubt a scammer.
I keep getting calls from another Cincinnati phone number daily & it will call 4 times a day. Probably same scammer using a different number.


xx said: Caller didn't leave message
I'm on do not call list.
Just a scammer.


xx said: 614 is Columbus, Ohio area.
Called my cell phone.
I don't give my cell phone number out to businesses.
That makes this call a scam to me.


Caller ID: jamaica
Company / Organization: Over Seas Scammer

xx said: Caller ID showed Jamaica on my cell phone.


Caller ID: Over Seas

xx said: Cell phone caller is showing from Cincinnati, OH, but it's really connected to a land line which is over seas.
Others have called the number back & found out it is over seas as well.
Caller hangs up when answer machine comes on.


xx said: Cell phone from Columbus, OH linking to a land line breaking the law by calling my cell phone. No business has been given written nor permission to contact my cell phone, plus it's listed on the do not call list as well. This is just a scammer. Complaints I find on another site have different complaints against this same number. Here's what complaints are listed for this number this month: caller doesn't leave message / Caller asks if you can hear me now (which if you answer yes, then you're hooked up into over seas charges) / offering a cruise / you stayed at one of our resorts. As for my call, I rejected the call because it's a scam & no business is permitted to call my cell phone.


xx said: There was this loud "doop" sound, then heard solicitors talking on phones in the background, then caller hung up. 720 is Denver, CO. area. This is nothing but a scam as they're calling someone on the do not call list.
Complaints on another site, one said they live in Hawaii & got a call at 6:30 AM.


Caller ID: Ahirley Toler

xx said: Called again today hanging up before my answer machine could come on (which is after 3 rings).
She's nothing but a scammer for not abiding by the do not call law.


Caller ID: Noem Garcia
Company / Organization: Card Services

xx said: Scam: This time it's not Rachel who's calling
Caller ID said Noem Garcia
This is an important message regarding your current credit card account. We have made several attempts to reach you. This is your final courtesy call before we are unable to lower your credit card interest rate. Press 1 to speak to the member services dept or press 2 & your eligibility to lower your rate will expire.


xx said: Caller didn't leave message.
Columbus, OH. cell phone by Verizon
Complaints on another site say caller doesn't leave message too.


Caller ID: OH

xx said: Call phone from Miamisburg, OH.
Caller didn't leave message, hung up after 3 rings.


Caller ID: TN

xx said: Cell phone or fake phone number.
Caller ID showed Arlington, TN.
Caller didn't leave message.
2 site said landline with US Lec. of TN. Inc.......another site I went to said home phone with AT&T Mobility


Caller ID: Jacksonville

xx said: Jacksonville, FL.
Recording claiming to be contracted agency for BC/BS.......get insurance.
Hey scammers, insurance enrollment is done over with.


Caller ID: Shirley Toler

xx said: Didn't leave message.
Cell phone from Cincinnati Bell
Cincinnati Bell is for businesses only, they do not provide cell phone service for residence people. I know, I use to be one of them & had to change carriers because of it.
This is just some solicitor calling.


Caller ID: TX.
Company / Organization: Pay Day Loan

xx said: scam recording stating I have been approved for a recently applied pay day loan.
I have never in my life.


Caller ID: MN
Company / Organization: Fake Charity

xx said: "Hello, this is Mark Morrison, how are you today? I'm calling on behalf of the " & he hung up.
He wants your money for a fake police fund.
The area code 651 is Minneapolis, MN.
The other number this same man calls me from is in N.J. 86-249-1030
Boy, he sure travels around state to state to do his job.
Right.................just a scammer.