Dan said: probable scam , ask for me by first name


Reported Location: 01020

Dan said: Called me at 3:30am. I didn't answer; no message left.


Reported Location: 24201

Dan said: 749 area code is unassigned and not used.


Caller ID: restrict
Reported Location: 95070

Dan said: scam


Dan said: Received a call from them! Have not replied.


Reported Location: Jeddah


Dan said: Some guy with strong accent saying my windoze computer is infected. Ha! I don't run windoze I only run Linux. Try it, it's free and runs on old hardware very well.


Caller ID: Jamie sampson

Dan said: Find her address


Dan said: loan offcer bull sh*t


Dan said: These morons try their best to get me to give them credit card info. I believe they are in a "boiler room" situation trying to steal identities. How come the law doesn't do anything with these creeps?


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Reported Location: 86323

Dan said: This caller withan Indian or Pakistani accent said he was from Microsoft and was informing a suspicious activity from my computer and that someone was trying to hack my email. He wanted me to go to my computer but when I told him I wasn't at home he said he would call back tomorrow. I blocked his number from my cell phone so hopefully he'll go away or drop dead!


Caller ID: -OUT OF AREA-
Reported Location: Philadelphia, Pa 19103

Dan said: Have received numerous calls from this number during the day when I am at work. Never leaves a message.


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Company / Organization: Home
Reported Location: Lima, Oh. 45801

Dan said: I been getting alot of unlisted area code calls.


Reported Location: Miami Beach,Fl., USA

Dan said: Receiving calls from above No, but we don't know who they are.
They just called again, and they state they are from a Brazilian Company


Caller ID: 60102725962
Company / Organization: Affair International Inc
Reported Location: Miami Beach,Fl., USA

Dan said: Receiving calls from above No, but we don't know who they are


Company / Organization: claims Microsoft
Caller type: Unknown

Dan said: wanted me to go to my computer because of an error message that is being sent to them about microsoft silverlight program. That is what I think he said. He had a strong Asian accent. I told them no, I don't believe you and hung up.


Reported Location: St. Louis

Dan said: Have to agree with Jim also. Just got the same call. If I didn't think my mother or grandmother would fall for it would think it was a bud playing a bad joke with a purposely bad accent.


Dan said: Asking about porn


Reported Location: Co152ae