Reported Location: FL

diana said: Has called repeatedly and hung up when I don't answer, doesn't leave any message. Calls started yesterday, called this morning at 649 am.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: 60077



diana said: This company uses local call centers (956)243-8337, stating the same crap. Gives a File Number for the person they are looking for due to some complaint and tells to call them at 1-844-856-6242 in order to send them certified letters or the person can face jail time. Caller like other comments never state their name, or who they work for. They have contacted lots of people that we know and have even claimed they are not debt collectors, which is BS. while else are they looking for the person if they are not trying to collect on old Debts.


Company / Organization: (Claim) IRS
Reported Location: glen oaks NY 11004

diana said: a woman called from this number stating that she was from the IRS and that she knew we didnt file or pay income taxes last year (which is a lie)


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: (Claim) IRS
Reported Location: glen oaks NY 11004

diana said: a woman called from this number stating that she was from the IRS and that she knew we didnt file or pay income taxes last year (which is a lie)


diana said: They keep calling me too and leave no message I just do not answer and blocked them


Caller ID: Unknown

diana said: received half dozen calls from this number. no voice on other end. scam or solicitor. blocked number


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: missouri city,tx 77489


Caller ID: 23-4704-334-9070
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Florida

diana said: Scammers ... they are renting a house from Africa .... as long as you have good credit they want all your personal information .... and your money .... dont do it .


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

diana said: If you don't pickup the phone call, their auto dialer will most likely call back again later. In order to not receive anymore calls, you simply need to follow the prompts to remove your phone number from the callers list while on the original phone call or call back the caller's phone number. If that doesn't work for you after 2 business days of your request not to be called and/or if you'd like to speak to a live person call 307-223-0458 or 877-646-7319. I did it and it worked.


diana said: This # called my home phone - didn't leave a message.  I called back today and rec'd an auto answer message advising that if I wanted to be removed from the call list I had to enter my phone # but it never gave me an opportunity to do so.  How can we stop this kind of stuff?  How do these people get our #'s??


diana said: Same with me.  Got a call from that number 303-555-7041, did not answer. But when I tried to call it back it is not a valid #.  My service provider told me there is a way for a caller to input any # to show up on the receivers phone.  More dishonest people than we can keep track of.


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Telemarketer

diana said: This is an "Online Business - Work from Home" scam, Folks.  I finally answered it, just to see if it was another phony car warranty call...and the young woman I spoke with made every attempt to have me accept their "free" offer...yeah, trust me, NOTHING is free with these kinds of ads.  You will spend your life's savings with the 'add-ons'.  Do a little research like I did...eye opening to say the least.  There is no such thing as a legitimate online business as presented in all these work from home opportunities. Don't give them any kind of personal information 'just to see what it's all about'...

Also, I am a bit concerned they some of them may be searching legitimate sources ..phone books...job boards, etc., to derive names and phone numbers....

AND...stay away from the third party stuff on web sites like those...when the question "(check the box)if you would like to receive valuable offers and information from our affiliates" is present - Don't check the box.  If it is already checked, un-check it!


diana said: little girl was trying to talk to me. she kept saying hello.


diana said: When I call the number a recording said then number could not be completed as dialed.  The same number call me 2 times.


diana said: Calls my cell phone and all I hear is static...sick of them calling!!!


diana said: i received the same call on 10-13-08 the person spoke spanish.  Since i'm on paid minutes and i did not get charged for this call the person must have been using AT&T so i'm going to report the number to them.


Caller ID: 305-647-7517

diana said: They hang up all the time


diana said: On July 31st, I received a call from Samuel from The Legal Affidavit Office
in Lakewood, Ca telling me that charges were bought against me for Check Fr-
aud and Stolen Indetity. He has received my old Wells Fargo Account Number
and E-Mail Address. I don't know where he got it from and also said that The
Legal Team would be at my house on August 1st to have someone take me to c-
ourt and have me pay $5,000.00! I've signed up for Indetity Theft Protection
through Wells Fargo Bank when I've had a bank account with them last year w-
hich protects me from checks who turned out to be counterfeit after cashing
or depositing them especially Cashier's Check. Wells Fargo said I don't owe
them nothing after they sent me legitimate Cashier's Checks in the mail in
March after my bank accounts were closed due to that over $2,000 Cashier's
Check which turned out to counterfeit. I've found out on August 1st, that S-
am from The Legal Affidavit Office lied, The Legal Team didn't come to my h-
ouse that day! The Legal Affidavit Office in Lakewood Ca is nothing but lia-
rs filing false litigations and charges against me. They're the ones who s-
hould have litigations filed against them and charges! No One is coming over
my house to send me the court or arrest me! The Staff from The Legal Affida-
vit Office should me arrested for false of litigations and charges plus imp-