Reported Location: Hicksville, NY 11802

Barb said: Called, I do not answer if I do not recognize the number. Left no message.


Reported Location: 62002

Barb said: call made at 0530


Company / Organization: RCB Visa
Reported Location: Ontario Canada

Barb said: Claimed to be from RBS Visa, wanted to verify numerous purchases on E Bay and to verify CC #. Scammers!


Reported Location: springfield ohio

Barb said: itsv a scam said he was the irs


Caller ID: 734-459-8155
Company / Organization: michigan
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: canton, michigan

Barb said: Called me on house and cell just wondering who it is


Reported Location: Pa.

Barb said: this is happening to us also, here at our home. How can we stop this? It is very annoying.


Barb said: I never answer numbers that I don't know.


Barb said: I never answer numbers that I don't know.


Barb said: They keep calling me back to back in a row and I feel harassed by it.


Caller ID: receivablesperf
Reported Location: Belmont, NH

Barb said: They are calling me saying they are collecting a $92.00 debt from 2005 for Sprint Long Distance. I have never had sprint long distance and Sprint is not in my area, we had Verizon until a couple years ago when it turned to Fairpoint. Very rude man telling me they have been calling and mailing me invoices and notices since 2005, which is not true! I asked for the number the bill was associated with and they hung up on me.


Caller ID: 'Unknown Caller

Barb said: What ever happened to the Do Not Call Registry? I am SO sick of these calls. My State Attorney General is dealing with another unsolicited number; I'll add this to his list.


Caller ID: Jacksonville
Reported Location: Middleburg, FL 32068

Barb said: How annoying! We get called only to be hung up on!


Caller ID: 213-504-7090

Barb said: Called at 11:02 p.m. Rang once and then hung up before I had a chance to answer it.


Caller ID: 392514602400

Barb said: strange call asking information about some accounts i had


Barb said: Its a goverment number


Barb said: Just had this number call me. On the other end was some nasally sounding man (college student age?) talking to someone in the background (I couldn't make out what he was saying.) The nasally voice didn't respond to me and mentioned something about "no volume control." After about 20 seconds the line disconnected.

Called back and I got a not-in-service message.