Caller ID: "unknown name

FRUSTRATED said: Received several repeated calls in early morning hours for the last two nights/mornings ( starting at 1:30am 2:00 am 2:30am 4:00am 4:05am & 4:15am) When I say hello, a lady is speaking in Spanish and you can hear children and other people speaking in background. I said hello the first few times then told them to stop calling. I haven't called the number back fearing I'll get an outrageous phone bill or scammed.


Reported Location: 11204

FRUSTRATED said: they keep calling - caller unknown...


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Los Angeles, CA

FRUSTRATED said: This number has been calling my phone 4-5 a day for the last couple of days. No message, I tried to call it back, number doesn't work. No sooner did I block this number but a 909-340-2124 called and I called back, same thing. I will not answer and keep blocking, but it's a pain in the butt all day long.


Caller ID: "Unknown

FRUSTRATED said: I have received for phone calls this morning from this number and no one ever talks. Just get static. What in the world is going on?


Reported Location: California

FRUSTRATED said: I am also getting calls from them. Answered the first time and no one answered. I did not answer the second thinking they're fishing for information. Any ideas on who is behind this or how to get them to stop??


Caller ID: Brunty Law Firm
Company / Organization: Debt collector
Reported Location: Detroit

FRUSTRATED said: Keep getting calls from this law firm. Will not give me details, calling me constantly and harrassing me. I think this is a scam. Anyone else getting calls from this law firm?


Reported Location: New London, CT

FRUSTRATED said: Same as the others. Have had four calls from this number. Answered once, no one was there. I stopped answering but can't help but wonder WTF? What is the point of this? Am I charged if I answer? Who knows?


Company / Organization: UNCI Scammer
Reported Location: Centreville, Alabama

FRUSTRATED said: Called my in-laws stating their daughter (who is in rehab) is being sued and they needed her last 4 of SSN to give information...I called them back for my in-laws and they wouldn't give me info and were very rude. My in-laws believed it, but I told them that it was a scam b4 they gave any info... anyone who demands anything from you in a threatening way on the phone should not be trusted. Always ask a lot of questions. Also when i called the number the girl gave her name, but not the company name. This is a red flag!!!!!!


Caller ID: "unavailable"

FRUSTRATED said: They left a short, garbled message at 7:09pm last evening and then hung up. All of these online forums seem to be nothing but group therapy sessions because there is no way to punish or stop these bottom feeders from intruding on our privacy and trying to steal our identities. The “Do Not Call List” is a joke. And filing a complaint with the FTC does nothing at all for you (read the fine print at the FTC website). So the very most you can do is block the number and hope they don’t call back on different numbers in the future .


FRUSTRATED said: No known information about this number


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: New York

FRUSTRATED said: This is a group of scammers who take advantage of the elderly - my elderly mother's phone and tell her she won 2 million dollars, only needs to give them a CC number or Checking Account to cover taxes and deliveries... She gets 20 calls a day from this and other numbers, most from Jamaica (847) area code some from 855 area code


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: ???
Reported Location: Dallas, TX

FRUSTRATED said: They answered the phone when I called back the 401-648-7436 number and they said my name, so they had my info right in front of them from called ID. Sounded from the accent that the call was routed to India. I asked the person to take me off the call list, and he said Okey Dokey, and when I asked when my name would come off the list he said Okey Dokey about 5 more times and then told me my name would come off the list in 15 years. I let him know it better be off in 2 weeks or I'm going to report them and try to start collection money for each call there after.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Rock Island, Ill. 61201

FRUSTRATED said: this number calls about 5-8 times a day and never leaves a message. when I do answer they hang up.


Caller ID: 800-207-8767
Company / Organization: Sovereign Bank
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Boston, MA

FRUSTRATED said: 800-207-8767 is the Debt Collection Department of Sovereign Bank based at 450 Penn Street, Reading, PA 19602 - in a Call Room.

If the debtor has registered a Home phone, an Office number, and/or a Cell phone they will call, even if you are not yet 30 days past due. They use an automated dialing sytem that displays 800-207-8767 on your caller ID, but NOT Soverign Bank. If you answer the automted call it will identify itself as coming from Sovereign Bank and state your name. They will next prompt your response to a debt collection person, if you are the person they are trying to call. If you do not answer the automated call, as I did not, then their dialing machine will keep calling back, as many as 8 times in a day. I do not answer any calls from 800 numbers or from Out of Area, So it was only later after being harrassed by their repeated dialing that I found out it was Sovereign Bank trying to collect $58 that was not yet 30 days past due. They even tried to collect an Annual renewal fee of $25 that was on a statement they had not yet mailed (deceptive) I went to my local Sovereign Bank, paid account in full, Since there was a small amount still due (less than $40)(The $25 renewals fee and some interest) I called the 800 number and asked them for the remaining balance. They told me they could mail a statement that would arrive within 2 weeks that would reflect the remaining amount due -or- for $25 they could FAX it to me. I declined their generous offer and will now close the account at the local branch. This said I did draft and mail letter of complaint to:

• Federal Trade Commission
• Office of the Attorney General – Boston
• Office of the Attorney General – Southern Region - New Bedford
• Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations – Boston
• Division of Banks


FRUSTRATED said: This number shows up on my cell I won't answer it & they never leave a message it happens a lot then they back off & it starts again nothing shows up but the number for caller ID.


Caller ID: not identified
Reported Location: Kansas

FRUSTRATED said: The caller ID showed something like, caller not identified. The number 645-325-0891 came up on the caller ID. The number & AC was unknown to us and we did not answer the phone. The caller did not leave a message. Attempts to identify the location and identity of the caller have been unsuccessful. The comments range from, the AC is inactive and there is not much information at the moment. Nothing suggests what, if any, information about that number is available. Our phone number is on the do not call list.


Caller ID: USA
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: t2a3c3

FRUSTRATED said: (602) 247-6116
Phone Type: Land Line
Location: Phoenix, AZ

ever 2nd or 3rd day 4 to 8 times each day


Caller ID: anonymous
Reported Location: Toronto, ontario

FRUSTRATED said: calls everyday now...lately...and it shows Anonymous...on Call Display...and goes right into my answering machine...but no message left...


FRUSTRATED said: call on a daily basis sick of it !


FRUSTRATED said: i got the same thing. i get these calls all the time and wonder if its from some harassment company you can look up on the internet. you can use false names, emails and phone numbers.