anonymous said: One of numerous 668 calls received in past few days. Nov. 15, 2014.


Caller ID: 911-282-5930
Reported Location: 38221

anonymous said: Received a call from this number; when I tried to determine who made the call, I got local emergency response.


Caller ID: 911-282-5930
Reported Location: 38221

anonymous said: Received a call from this number; when I tried to determine who made the call, I got local emergency response.


anonymous said: Just got a response to my Craigslist ad, guy wants me to text him at this number.


Reported Location: falls church VA 22046

anonymous said: I received a call from this number at 7:45 am, man with heavy (Indian?) accsent said my PC was downloading junk files and it was necessary for me to login so he could remove these files... when asked, said he was with Windows and thiswas a Windows service. I've a Mac.


Reported Location: Delhi

anonymous said: The caller poised as a Bank Official/s


Caller ID: Carter III Fran
Reported Location: Indiana

anonymous said: Called offering a government grant and responded that I didn't need a grant or their help


Caller ID: Unknown Number
Reported Location: Gretna , LA

anonymous said: Called my cell phone and left a voicemail stating they were from the IRS and I need to contact them because they are getting ready to file a lawsuit against us! SCAM!


Caller ID: none came up
Reported Location: 72023

anonymous said: got the same message told them to kiss my ass


anonymous said: This number has called our office line about 5 times in an hour. No one answers and the call disconnects. When I try to call back, it rings once then disconnects.


Caller ID: Shared Exchange
Reported Location: 28012

anonymous said: I believe this is some sort of scam. The caller has a heavy foreign accent and is asking about my computer. They call all the time and sometimes say this is the "Windows Department" concerning my computer. You can also hear other callers in the background like it is a sweat shop call center.


Caller ID: 1-783-982-1224
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: charleston, sc

anonymous said: no one says anything, either on call in or call back


Reported Location: Portland, OR

anonymous said: Selling laptop computer on Craigslist


Reported Location: 48706

anonymous said: Claims to be an IRS agent and the IRS has a lawsuit pending vs. you. Voice is Asian and almost impossible to understand


Caller ID: Private
Reported Location: louisiana

anonymous said: Calling telling me that they are serving legal papers on a certain date unless they hear back by 5 pm..


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Nottingham UK

anonymous said: called twice in one week


Reported Location: chicago


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Ymax Oration
Reported Location: Clearwater, FL 33759

anonymous said: I found this regarding the 1-949-783-0762 number. It belongs to a widely known scammer called Ymax Oration. These scammers are featured on Youtube as they also pretend to be sheriffs, IRS agents and cheat a lot of people out of money - YouTube
Video for ymax oration► 10:16► 10:16
Jul 19, 2014 - Uploaded by Derrick Sumiel
These people steal from people that actually work claiming to be IRS, Sheriffs, etc. hopefully this warning gets ...


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Clearwater, FL 33759

anonymous said: I had the same problem as "annoyed" had into my cell phone but the guy who sounded Asian and YET, he knew my first name. I told him my cell phone did not work well indoors and that I had tried to call him back but got the response "We're sorry. Your call to this number cannot be completed". I asked if I could I call him back on another number because my cell does not work indoors. So he gave me 1-949-783-0762. I then blocked the original 459 number for my cell and also the 949 number. Next I am reporting them to the FBI via www.ic3.gov

In ref to the comments of annoyed and others. Annoyed said: Have rec'd numerous calls from "Unknown Name" number is 459-328-7569. Have been receiving 3-5 calls per day from this number. Today alone - Nov 6- they called 11:57am and 1:27pm. When I answer Hello - no one is there. When it goes to answering machine, no message is left. When I dial the number back, I get recording, "We're sorry. Your call did cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try your call again later." This is a nuisance and constantly interrupts my day with no purpose but harrassment