Company / Organization: Forcedshop
Reported Location: Germany

anonymous said: This company out of NY is supposed to be selling children's playground sets at 90% off retail.


anonymous said: Pop-up message from "Microsoft Support" stating that malware was detected and stealing credit information. Instructions were given to call Microsoft immediately to prevent the theft. Failure to call would result in total loss of information and computer shutdown.


Reported Location: 98801

anonymous said: this # called at 9:00 PM and 11:59 PM abt 2 weeks apart. They called 4 or 5 times immediately one after the other. I heard on the answering machine voices in the background that sounded spanish but no message was left.


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: 92677

anonymous said: called at 7:23 am. Left no message.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Phoenix

anonymous said: i've had 3 calls from them, seem to be a student loan modification company and the number is plainly a bogus number because is cant be called back.


Caller ID: Stockholm
Company / Organization: Sweden
Reported Location: Philippines

anonymous said: It called me around 1: 32 am Phillipine time +8:00 GT, January 13, 2018. as soon as I accept the call, it hangs up. It doesn't call again. Is it a scammer? Or anyone who wants to know my location? Don't know....


Reported Location: 84107

anonymous said: told me they were the IRS and they were going to sue me


Reported Location: Austin, Tx

anonymous said: Caller unknown, area code unknown.


Caller ID: Reimage
Reported Location: Centerville, OH 45458

anonymous said: Would like information as to whether this company is legitimate or if I have been scammed.


anonymous said: Someone called!y cell phone from this number but when I answered the phone they hung up without saying anything.


anonymous said: Whoever is calling from this number if completely ruthless, calling several times a day, every day! No message ever left, just incessant calling . . . no info available via caller I.D.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: alberta, canada


Caller ID: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: alberta, canada

anonymous said: Received phone call from unknown caller, at 12:25 pm afternoon, ask for me, then went on to tell me that I won , very large sum of money, that my name was drawn, I ask him where was the raffle tickets from, he told me I spent money at Walmart an some other stores, I told him I never enter any raffle, but he still insisted, I told him he was trying to scam me, an what was the cat he avoided my questions, I told him I was calling the police then the call , ended.


anonymous said: Called me multiple time. when answered no body on the other end. when I do not answer no message is left.


Caller ID: NONE

anonymous said: spoof number, area code 103 doesn't exist.


anonymous said: I just got a call from this # they said it was about my computer. When they said that I instantly hung up and came here. I am pretty shure this # has called us before but I searched this up to be sure.


anonymous said: Want to know who's calling the name of the person


Reported Location: Tampa,Fl.33618

anonymous said: Called and said he was my oldest grandson and was in the hospital. Said he had a car wreck last night. I asked what his name was and it was NOT my grandsons name.


Reported Location: Auburn ny usa

anonymous said: This number, calls me often. Sometimes every 15 minutes, never a message. Info on the number comes back “invalid number”. I called verizon to have the number blocked.


anonymous said: the num that comes in starts with V2221811359 then five other nums which is 00389. Saying they are receiving erroneous signals from my computer saying that they want access to the computer to fix it. But then I gave him the airhorn then hu.. Has a strong accent