Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Florida

anonymous said: open line then hung up after I said "hello".


anonymous said: Multiple calls and no one talks


anonymous said: weird phone calls saying they are from the FBI


anonymous said: These people pretend they are with Microsoft and that you downloaded a virus or a bad file and want to scan your computer.


anonymous said: Several calls from this number - no message left by caller.


Caller type: Unknown

anonymous said: Who is this? I was on the phone and got a beep and looked and this number was on my id.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Windows
Reported Location: hutchinson ks


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Niagara Falls, ON

anonymous said: Called at 12:40 pm on Fri Dec 19.
I didn't answer (I didn't like the look of the phone number...too many numbers), they didn't leave a message.
Came on here to check it out.


anonymous said: When you answer the recording said that IRS is suing you and you need to call the number they are giving you for more information.


Caller ID: "Out of Area"
Reported Location: Texas

anonymous said: Gentleman called saying he Googled my name. He said he was Australian. Chatted for a long time, very political. No clue whether this was authentic.


Caller ID: 87793183993050
Company / Organization: banque Nationale
Reported Location: québec

anonymous said: La dame s'est fait passer pour une personne effectuant un sondage pour le compte de la carte de crédit de la banque Nationale. Elle m'a demandé si j'avais eu un bon service lorsque j'ai placé un appel au service à la clientèle. Lorsque je lui ai dit que je j'avais pas appelé Elle m'a tout simplement remercié et fermé la ligne.


Company / Organization: 1BIT IT
Reported Location: Bristol, TN 37620

anonymous said: One of our elderly customers called us to let us know she received a pop up on her computer stating they were her ISP and needed to clear her PC of a virus as she is infected and gave her 1-888-435-1922 to call. She calls it, they tell her they are with Microsoft, and she gives them her credit card number to repair for her. I advised her to immediately disconnect her PC, call and cancel her credit card and report what what happened to them and also file a police report


anonymous said: Got same call today- IRS from 1-800.. and to call number 202-888 3462. Seems to be a scam!


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Claiming to be irs
Reported Location: virginia

anonymous said: recorded message said they were from the IRS and they had been trying to reach me and said I was to call a number in the 202 area code


Reported Location: 15213

anonymous said: No message


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Company / Organization: Claiming to be irs
Reported Location: Texas

anonymous said: message left - this is the IRS calling. This is your final notice regarding a lawsuit filed against you........please call us at 202-738-1233. We did finally get in touch with someone (we knew it was a call center due to the extreme volume of background noise), who claimed the same as the message left. She wanted to verify telephone number, address and name. She advised us about a lawsuit that was filed against us, after auditing years 2008 & 2011, for the amount of two thousand and some odd dollars. We asked how were we contacted, as we have never heard from our accountant regarding an audit, and she hung up. Whats going on ??? What are these people trying to get from us ?? We can't wait for someone to call back.....Jeesh...


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Reported Location: 94519

anonymous said: This number has called me twice & when I say Hello, the caller doesn't say anything. I think he's a scammer.


anonymous said: This number called back to back and I was just wondering who it was. Every search comes up with nothing.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: utah

anonymous said: said I won $1000.00 I hung up


Reported Location: Waukegan,IL

anonymous said: IRS had been trying to reach us and would be filing a lawsuit.