Caller ID: Bass pro shop
Company / Organization: bass pro shop
Reported Location: Rome ga 30165


Reported Location: duncanville tx 75137


Reported Location: Virginia

anonymous said: Asked to speak to my son. I told him he wasn't available. He said he would call back. I started asking him if I could take a message, and he hung up on me mid-sentence. What ever happened to the effectiveness of the do not call list????


Caller ID: 766-285-9437
Company / Organization: unavailable

anonymous said: I don't know who this is....no message left. But, whoever needs to use a SPOOFED NUMBER is a SCAMMER


anonymous said: Called but left no message


Reported Location: Illinois

anonymous said: Did not answer. Called my cell phone. The number was actually displayed as 0008442503112. Called 10-22-2014 at 7:50pm CST.


anonymous said: This is a crank caller from India


anonymous said: Her name was Nancy and she yelled at me when I said I didn't have a computer because she saidy computer was sending virus messages to her company and I was lying about a computer


Reported Location: Citrus Heights, CA

anonymous said: Don't know who this caller is, and won't answer. Would like to know who they are. Did a search and they show that they are a Landline in Southeast-West Palm Beach Eaea, FL


Reported Location: Citrus Heights CA

anonymous said: This number keeps calling. However, I prefer not to answer. Just wonder who the number belonged to and where they were calling from.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Detroit, Michigan area

anonymous said: This phone number called me around midnight. It was an automated message that claimed to be a protection agency telling me that my debit card had been turned off and asked if I wanted it activated. I hung up and checked my bank acct. No unauthorized transactions. When I redialed the number I was told my call could not be completed as dialed. My bank is performing an investigation.


Caller ID: no caller id

anonymous said: I received an intimidating/threatening voicemail from an unknown number that showed up as no caller id. The man on the message stated his name but not coherently. He stated that I needed to be home to sign "the documents", never letting me know when, or the fore claimant would be coming to my job. I would need to have 2 forms of ID and my supervisor would need to be present as a witness. Urged me to call 844-696-6462, mention the docket number he gave me and said that I was officially notified. I called the number from work and spoke to Mike Davis who knew the last 4 of my social and my current address, also had an address that was in a state I have never been. told me I was being sued by TD bank for an account balance even gave me an account number, I have never used TD bank. when I started asking questions I was transferred to someone else. He asked if I wanted him to do an investigation, I said yes and he said he would call me tomorrow. His name was Jeff (no last name) and he will be calling from an 855 number. After googling 855 area code I found that this area code is free for the caller and the charge is put on the person called. I was really freaked out especially because they knew the last 4 of my social! After I read all the comments on this number and 855 numbers I realize it is a scam. I will forget about it. I would like to file a complaint because it was so threatening/intimidating but don't know who to file it with.


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: 32839

anonymous said: did not answer .no message left


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Reported Location: indianapolis, in

anonymous said: Don't have any info. Don't answer phone calls with out of state area codes unless I am expecting a return call


Reported Location: Thibodaux, LA 70301

anonymous said: Bill collector


Caller ID: Nimney Kenny

anonymous said: Don't know who this is. Please add unto your list.