Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Florence SC

anonymous said: Asked for my husband by ñame. When I said he wasn't home he said " what are you doing home alone? I hung up.


anonymous said: If anyone knows what company this number comes from please post here.


Reported Location: I

anonymous said: Callers said computer was sending out signals when doing download or checking email. Wanted to get access to the computer.


Reported Location: OK

anonymous said: Did not answer but answering machine recorded a male voice saying "Hello" couple of times and caller hung up. Caller must be up to no good if afraid to identify themselves.


Caller ID: 'Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: MandMgems
Reported Location: San Antonio, TX

anonymous said: person is Michael Clark and a Gemologist.


Caller ID: Not available
Reported Location: Portland

anonymous said: Didn't leave a message. Tried to block the number, but was told it was not a valid number.


Caller ID: 1-288-256-4782
Reported Location: 10954

anonymous said: If someone knows where this number comes from, please post here


Reported Location: Florida

anonymous said: Ask what IP address is sending errors or is the error numerical or alpha and they have no idea of what the question relates to., obvious a person trying to fool people to give information. They are so dumb the same person called with in 30 minutes of hanging up preiously.


Reported Location: Florida

anonymous said: Call from 568.458.0000 at 5:45 am and no message left. When I tried to call the number back the system said "unavailable to call this number as dialed". Tried twice. Some thoughtless person on the other end to call at 5:45 in the morning when most people are still sleeping!


Reported Location: Sioux Falls, SD

anonymous said: Called my number...when I called back message said the number no longer in service, been changed or disconnected.


anonymous said: Called twice. Tried to call back and number doesn't exist. But twice there was a uh, hello in my voicemail. Annoying.


Reported Location: Montreal

anonymous said: Called 5 times weekdays around supper on week of nov 16, 3 times last week middle of afternoon, the week before around lunch time and, of course, on message at all.


Reported Location: Des Moines, IA

anonymous said: Called Friday November 20th at 10:04am.


Reported Location: Huntington, IN 46750

anonymous said: This person has called here repeatedly today. I've blocked the number, but they keep trying to call. They always hang up after a few seconds without saying anything.


Company / Organization: Rooms to Go

anonymous said: Called on another number and left a voice mail to ask for a particular person when you call 1-866-296-5420. Received this call twice with two different names


Caller ID: "No Name"
Reported Location: south bend indiana 46601

anonymous said: Caller did not speak; was silient. Might be a phishing caller


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: chicago

anonymous said: follow up survey. recording says they will call back another time. they call me about every other day but i never pick up. i just called it and heard that message. irritating.


Caller ID: Terence Mooney
Reported Location: Neenah, WI 54956

anonymous said: Called very early morning about computer problems. Foreign accent. Very suspicious. On no call list!


anonymous said: They did not leave a message.


Caller ID: No Name

anonymous said: call today from this number. Left no voice mail.