Company / Organization: Rogers Bank

anonymous said: Calling to check up on suspicious activity on credit card.


Caller ID: Calling Card
Reported Location: Toronto, Canada

anonymous said: This appeared on my Canadian Sears Connect bill as Network Fee, $1.64. We receive many unsolicited calls, many windows and doors, some surveys/opinions, all hung up on. Another Calling Card # was just above and very similar, 4760955074. Both were made on the Billing Period from 10/08/2016 to 11/07/2016, with no specific date for the call.


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: annonymous
Reported Location: Hawaii

anonymous said: Per Internet, no area code 756 exists and it appears to be a spoof.


Caller ID: No Name

anonymous said: I get calls from this # periodically but they don't say anything but a long pause then goodbye and it is so annoying because I live so far from my family I never know if it is an emergency with one of them . Is there any way to stop this I'm on National do not call list but these fools seem to know how to get around it.


Caller ID: (Blank)
Company / Organization: ?
Reported Location: Cardiff by the Sea

anonymous said: said WTF softly in english


anonymous said: Frequent unwanted calls for the past 3-4 days(about 4-5 calls per day). Caller speaks Spanish. Asked them to stop calls, they have not.


anonymous said: I get a text from this number saying that my private or frozen work pension needs to be reviewed. I expect it is a scam.


Company / Organization: MD State Gov
Reported Location: Surprise AZ

anonymous said: Numerous calls from this number ID'd as MD State Gov on caller ID. Do not amswer this call A BIG HASSLE


Caller ID: "Out of Area"
Reported Location: Aiken, SC 29801


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: pbg fl.

anonymous said: sounded like a tele marketer room, muffled voices,noises in background. no caller voice though.


anonymous said: Received a call at 5:54 AM from this number. Not message left.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: Mega Millions Sweepstakes
Reported Location: Hawaii

anonymous said: Male caller identified himself as David Williams, calling from Las Vegas, ( 702-516-7272) to inform me that I won 5.3 million from the Mega Millions Sweepstakes and that I would have to pay a delivery fee of, 999; $999.00. (This is definitely a SCAM!) He ask how close was the nearest Western Union, post office, and bank. He also asked a number of personal questions. Anyway, he said he would call me back tomorrow with instructions at 10:00a.m. Or 10:15 a.m. And if he didn't call back at that time, then I should call his cell phone # 1-867-378-6862. ( I checked this number and it's a Jamaica #...definitely not calling this A...H... back!)


Caller ID: 'unknown'
Company / Organization: Q Consultancy
Reported Location: idaho

anonymous said: Sounds like a hard core collection call about an account that doesn't exist for a person who doesn't have this phone number. Sounded threatening by pursuing this person at their work. Strongly suggested this person contact their arbitration dept. Do not respond! This is a scam!


Reported Location: 73107

anonymous said: no message left.


Reported Location: birmingham AL

anonymous said: I answered and the caller said, "Goodbye."


Caller ID: Computer center

anonymous said: Asked to speak to me by name, I denied it was me. Asked if he was calling one of my online names. Again I denied. He said he must have the wrong information, apologized and hung up.


Caller ID: out of area
Reported Location: Ashland, NE

anonymous said: Calling about computer