anonymous said: He says he is from the tax audit dept of the IRS about a lawsuit against me..There is no such thing at the IRS, obviously a fake I hung up.


Reported Location: 19015


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: Galesburg, Il 61401

anonymous said: Just receive a call from this number at 11:45 AB Central time


anonymous said: keeps on ringing me


Caller ID: "unknown caller"

anonymous said: Calls 3 or 4 times every day - Never leaves message.


anonymous said: I wish these people would stop calling. They say they are doing a survey but I do not do surveys over the phone. How can I stop these calls.


Reported Location: Mississippi

anonymous said: Have been getting calls from this number, They imply they are a collection agency/Law firm. they threaten to send a sheriff to deliver papers on some kind of outstanding amount of money. They would not give me an address or a name for their company.


Reported Location: 76118

anonymous said: NO


Reported Location: 77375

anonymous said: Microsoft suggesting that my computer has viruses that will cause it to crash ......scam?


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 28173

anonymous said: Calls and just says...okay and hangs up


Caller ID: Visalia
Company / Organization: Rose Maria Farias
Reported Location: 217 N Granite st ,VISALIA CaVisalia


Caller ID: Visalia
Company / Organization: Rose Maria Farias
Reported Location: Visalia

anonymous said: Keeps crank calling


anonymous said: eFax (Word file) that was attached to email. Did not open the fax, so don't know what it says.



anonymous said: A woman with very broken English, reported calling from Las Vegas, Nev. I asked her where she got my number as I'm on a Do-Not-Call list. She tried to tell me that my Microsoft internet is in jeopardy, I really couldn't understand what she wanted or what she was calling about , I hung up on her. By the way this is not a number from Las Vegas, Nev. and I really don't know what she wanted, very suspicious call so I hung up.


Reported Location: Richmond, Virginia

anonymous said: Caller claiming to be a rep from Windows that needed access to my computer due to an error message that he can fix over the phone. After playing along for a few minutes I finally told him that I don't own a computer, Without missing a beat, he immediately asked me if I knew so and so and gave me my husband's name and implied that it was his computer. I told him that I did know so and so and I also knew Joe Jones, Fisher Jones, and scammer Jones. He had no clue what I was implying!


Reported Location: 15317

anonymous said: Male barely spoke English. Called back 2 minutes later and number came up as "unknown"


Caller ID: NA
Company / Organization: NA
Reported Location: Providence, RI 02907

anonymous said: bogus call from 271 area code -- no message


Reported Location: crestview, fl 32536

anonymous said: Said my computer was not receiving computer updates for Windows. Had me installed www.fixme.it and then she wanted me to allow remote access. I refused. Sounded fishy to me. Asked me if my computer was freezing up or slow and i told her no. After this call, i checked Windows update and it was just fine and updated. Beware! This call came from Mexico


anonymous said: Left no message.