Caller ID: "unknown name

anonymous said: caller identified themselves as being associated with Microsoft tech support and my computer was sending them error messages. I told them that I was busy and would call them back if they gave me a number. A voice in my head told me that the call was not what it appeared so I came to this site.


Caller ID: No Name

anonymous said: If you call make sure your company or name is shown. Leave a message, if you can't don't bother phoning me. Common curtsey!


Reported Location: Lansing, MI, 48910

anonymous said: Suspicious personal ad solicitors tried to get me to text this number.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 87122


Caller ID: not given
Company / Organization: Not Given
Reported Location: not given

anonymous said: 1-072-004-2301 listing is from BOTSWANA


Caller ID: not given
Company / Organization: residential
Reported Location: 33881

anonymous said: area code look up lists BOTSWANA - for 1-072-004-2301


Reported Location: Michigan

anonymous said: A woman with a foreign accent has called twice, waking me up. She says she's calling from Microsoft about my computer. When I tell her shewoke me, she yells at me saying, " Look lady, I don't know what time it is there". I've told her to take us off their call list. Tired of going to bed thinking she may wake me.


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: 94536

anonymous said: Don't know where this number is coming from. It has too many numbers in it and the caller ID says unavailable. They claim to be a charity and are very persistant and call late in the evening. Very suspicious.


Company / Organization: Gray mountain management
Reported Location: California


anonymous said: Called but left no message - I presume this is spam


Reported Location: Ottawa

anonymous said: Caller claims to be from the "VISA" security department calling about a $600 charge, He offers the 1st 4 numbers of a card but when asked for the final four numbers, he hung up.


Reported Location: Calgary, Canada

anonymous said: Didn't bother answering


Caller ID: 18772625907
Company / Organization: Bank of Montreal
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: Ontario Canada

anonymous said: The phone message was at 5:30 Tuesday January 10 2016


Caller ID: John G Phelan

anonymous said: This person calls at all hours of the night and day! When I finally answered, he said "Hello, this is the TV repair man"......!!!! I asked him to quit calling and hung up. This was the 2nd phone call this morning! The first one being at 4am PST. When I hung up, he called again. I let it ring and didn't answer. If he calls again, I will be reporting him.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Windows 10
Reported Location: Ca

anonymous said: Male person with a middle Eastern accent. Was telling me that they were getting viruses showing up from Windows 10 and they needed to clear them. Then I hung up the phone.


Reported Location: U.K


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: Birmingham, AL 35242

anonymous said: Answered out of curiosity, and said Hello. Automated response was - Goodbye, with a hang-up.