Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: The Villages, FL

Karen said: Keep getting calls from this 120 area code number at meal times: breakfast, lunchtime, dinner. I will never answer if the area code is invalid or if it is outside of the Continental US.
And I consider any call label Unknown caller to be harrassment if the phone number is not recognizable to me!


Reported Location: Ca

Karen said: This number is a scam. They keep calling my phone


Caller ID: invalid number
Reported Location: NH

Karen said: got like 3 calls today--no message left--looked up # couldn't find anything, looked up area code couldn't find so i was getting ready to block rang again I answered Took a minute for person to realize i said hello --they then started with Hello hello i am calling you hello did you answer hello all in a thick heavy foreign accent--could hear all kind of chatter in back ground definitely boiler room SCAM!!!!
and spoofed # BYE BYE YOU ARE NOW


Caller ID: Not available

Karen said: 8:41pm and again at 9:21pm on Friday night. Did not answer, no message left. Will block.


Company / Organization: Microsoft Computer Center
Caller type: Other

Karen said: These people keep calling and have repeatedly for months and months. Got another call a few minutes ago from 696-666-9600. Again, said they were with Micorsoft calling about my computer send errors and need troubleshoot.mi ask his name, ha said his name was Roger. I told him Roger is a strange name for some not from this country. I told him he was being recorded and the number showing he is calling from is not the correct location but is a fraud. He quickly hung up on me. Once again, filing this with FCC, FTC and Attorney Generals office, The people calling are a HUGE SCAM!!


Reported Location: West Seattle WA 98106

Karen said: I received an email from this number from a website to find an insurance agent.


Caller ID: 8264419083
Company / Organization: Publishers Clearing House

Karen said: The message said it was Publisher's Clearing House calling me about dropping off a prize the next morning. I think it is BS as that area code is not even assigned to any location and the guy sounded very unprofessional. It may be one of those area codes that charges you thousands of dollars if you answer and they keep you on the phone. Or just another Phishing scam.


Reported Location: 30120

Karen said: Called my daughter in law and scared her asking questions about her mother in law and if she knew how to get in touch with me as it was something to do with a 'red" flag and a call back was expected within a few minutes or something terrible would result and mentioned some sore of case number and gave a name of Dowett to ask for when calling back. My daughter in law is from another country and she was frightened and thought something was going to happen to me. This sort of harassment should be stopped. I have no clue how they would get a cell number of my daughter in law and not be able to get my personal cell number. It all a scare tactic and scam!


Company / Organization: first Convience bankshares
Reported Location: texas

Karen said: This same number called me 15 times in the last week. My bank is overdrawn and I just plaid $20 dollars on it and they still harrassme. They don't talk when you answer they hang up so you can call them. Then they can say you called them. Then they say acct number? I'm not giving you my acct number! I thought it was a scam. So I harassed them all day and called them 15 times. I asked them a hundred questions. All they have to do is say " hi, my name is Joe I'm calling as a courtesy for your bank" but no they hang up and call 100 times! Bank of america just settled a law suit for calling someone 900 times in a certain amount of years.


Reported Location: Florida

Karen said: said it was a forwarded call


Reported Location: 63070

Karen said: Called and said they received my loan application. Never asked to even speak to any particular person either. I told him that I never applied for a loan and he hung up.


Reported Location: Willowick, OH

Karen said: Received an obscene text message from this number.


Company / Organization: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Hawaii

Karen said: They call once or twice a day on my cell phone. When I answer I get a non human message asking me to hold for an operator, I have to pay for my phone mins so I hang up


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Company / Organization: no idea
Reported Location: 15005

Karen said: very foreign sounding person named JASON-This number has called many times even after asking them not to. Told him to stop calling again and he got very argumentative. I hung up on him AGAIN!


Reported Location: heiskell tn 37754

Karen said: Received a call from 7-166-666-1627. Where is this from? Didn't answer due to being a very odd number.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 77015


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Poynette, WI

Karen said: There was a partial msg left. When I attempted to return the call I was prompted to give personal info. Don't know who this is but it feels like a scam.


Karen said: I haven't heard from my son who is 20 years old. This morning I got a call from this number but reluctant to put a credit card number in. Does anyone know the address of this phone number. Very worried.


Karen said: customer service