Company / Organization: Norton Way Group
Reported Location: London

Anthony said: Called claiming to be phoning on behalf of Lenovo, said she had spoken to our managering director, asking to send me an email but then asking about our company information, firstly not interested, clearly lied about speaking to our director and also we have an account manager from Lenovo who isn't that person.


Reported Location: Canada

Anthony said: Receive call did not answer, but calls every day?


Caller ID: new york call
Company / Organization: Claiming to be irs
Reported Location: las Vegas, nv

Anthony said: Its a scanner claiming to be the IRS saying the police are on their way to arrest me.. He was rud, yelling at me and saying mean things, he told me I was gonna be arrested and I need a criminal lawyer. He knew all my personal info. I googled the # he called from and it comes up as a scam ppl saying they claim to be IRS and dea doing same thing to other ppl
He was so serious I thought he was serious.... He was threatening me n asking for my bank intyo etc, that's when I realized it was a scam n he hung up on me after he told me I'm a piece of sh*t for falsifying my taxes etc...
He knew my address, social security number, employment info He knew very personal info... And was so damn rude. He was like you losing your job isn't my problem you're the one being arrested and gonna sit in jail for at least 6 months not me... It was nuts! There was so much more said. He was reading sections if the laws to me n sh*t. Idk it was f*cking insanely scary tbh Before I realized it was a scam I was shaking n literally freaking out... He said the coos were on their way to arrest me SBR he's notifying the department of labor and I'll never get another job for the rest of my god damned life again. Those were his words. Several times.


Company / Organization: Quality Services Limited
Reported Location: Freeport, Grand Bahamas

Anthony said: Dear Sir,

I have applied for the UK DATV to transit thru Heathrow airport on my way to Mumbai, India and then back to Bahamas.

Application ID : GWF012225339.

I have done my Biometric test in Nassau, Bahamas. Bar Code : CSC-BS-51-000925-U

I had send the documents through Fedex, from Freeport, Bahamas

The Fedex courrier services had given me the tracking number and I received the feed back that the documents is already delivered to The British High Commission, Kingston 10, Jamaica.

I would like to request you to please advise me how to track my visa status once it clears from

The British High Commission,

28 Trafalgar Road,

Kingston 10,

Jamaica WI

I would be highly obliged if you could help me with the request.

Thanking you in anticipation.

With Best Regards

Gonsalves Anthony Robert

Passport No. F4004643

D.O.B : December 08, 1949

Nationality : INDIAN
CELL No. : +1 242 4395755
Location : Freeport, Bahamas


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: ST Holdings
Caller type: Commercial

Anthony said: I met with this guy in New York this past wednesday the 1st April and he appears to be a nice person, he told me his a sport agent, I will be careful and watch from the lines, not sure yet what his up to. Thanks



Anthony said: I also received a email from these people make money on google. Like a dummy i signed up however they wanted my credit card info I refused. Ever since that I get these calls early in the morning. Like today the day after Christmas at 830 am. Here is the company info big rewards.com
1040 avenue of the americas 18th floor new york NY 10018 phone 212 512 0511 this was at the bottom of the email.


Anthony said: They called me and won't tell me who they are, and I'm just a child.


Anthony said: This number calls our land line and cell phone. No answer, just hangs up.


Anthony said: Did not answer, did not leave a message.


Anthony said: I did not answer it.


Anthony said: how do you know that car sponsorships is real? did you actually get sponsored through them.  Not being a smart a** just need to know my 300z is a very exspensive girlfriend.


Anthony said: Got a call from 310-201-4321, heard three fast clicks then hang up.  Since I'm a 310- cell #, thought it might be a friend but nothing.  Not going to bother calling it back.


Anthony said: The caller left no message.


Caller ID: N/A

Anthony said: I wont answer it. Anyone know who this is?


Anthony said: Please remove my residence telephone number from your list!


Anthony said: calls from this number


Anthony said: Got a call. No message left.


Anthony said: Anyone knows who this is?